The Best Links On The Net: 5-15-2020 by Jenova Project

Updated: May 20, 2020

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Economy & Sociology

Mike Rowe Is Right: There’s “No Such Thing” as a Non-Essential Worker by Foundation for Economic Education


Commentary: Arbitrary political decisions, usually based around revenue collection or political collusion, on what workers are essential or not not only immoral but it's also is some of the policy that is prime to leading us deeper into an economic recession. If you actually analyze the interconnectedness of the economy you will realize all workers are essential. Great quote that really sums things up, “We cannot declare one business ‘unnecessary’ without, by extension, declaring unnecessary every other business that relies on it, and every business that relies on those businesses."

More than food banks are needed to feed the hungry during the coronavirus pandemic by The Conversation


Commentary: Food banks have never dealt with food insecurity, during times of security or crisis, and what people don't realize is food banks were already massively overburdened and underfunded before COVID hit, with limited supplies being divided among and increasing share of people year after year. Now with COVID, and all the increased demand combined with comprehensive health-based restrictions that come along with it, the strain is being pushed way beyond the limit it was already crossing pre-crisis. With 1 in 6 Canadian households containing children worried about what to eat or the quality of food they ate due to lack of money, imagine what it's like now? Also with restricted physical access to food banks and most food banks having limited to no access to food for people with dietary or health needs, only 1/4 of people who meed the needs of food insecurity even have the regular accessible and helpful reach to and from the programs. It doesn't help there are social stigmas for the usage of them to cement the whole problem. Charity is not the solution to the complex issue of poverty, and relying on food banks is not effective poverty reduction policy-making.

Study Finds Unions Make Companies More Productive by Vice


Commentary: No shit social organization increases the pay, worker rights, and general community of a workforce which ultimately leads to increased productivity. Did anyone actually believe the anti-labor propaganda big business has been spewing for years? Does nobody read history and know what the work world was like before unions? I guess so and I guess not because unions have been being historically crushed for years. Time for a rebirth now that the facts are freaking in?

Tsunami of evictions feared without relief for renters, landlords: B.C. tenant advocate Andrew Sakamoto by The Georgia Straight