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The Best Links On The Net: 5-15-2020 by Jenova Project

Updated: May 20, 2020

A collection of the best links gathered around the net on a wide variety of engaging substances. I hope you all enjoy! All links are found up on The People's Party Of Planet Earth on Facebook for discussion. Feel free to join in, and submit your own articles for discussion as well:

All links are collected by theProphet, founder of The Infidel Netwerk, and songwriter performer behind Jenova Project & M-Fap. Keep up to date with his latest happening on his official Facebook:

Economy & Sociology

Mike Rowe Is Right: There’s “No Such Thing” as a Non-Essential Worker by Foundation for Economic Education

Commentary: Arbitrary political decisions, usually based around revenue collection or political collusion, on what workers are essential or not not only immoral but it's also is some of the policy that is prime to leading us deeper into an economic recession. If you actually analyze the interconnectedness of the economy you will realize all workers are essential. Great quote that really sums things up, “We cannot declare one business ‘unnecessary’ without, by extension, declaring unnecessary every other business that relies on it, and every business that relies on those businesses."

More than food banks are needed to feed the hungry during the coronavirus pandemic by The Conversation

Commentary: Food banks have never dealt with food insecurity, during times of security or crisis, and what people don't realize is food banks were already massively overburdened and underfunded before COVID hit, with limited supplies being divided among and increasing share of people year after year. Now with COVID, and all the increased demand combined with comprehensive health-based restrictions that come along with it, the strain is being pushed way beyond the limit it was already crossing pre-crisis. With 1 in 6 Canadian households containing children worried about what to eat or the quality of food they ate due to lack of money, imagine what it's like now? Also with restricted physical access to food banks and most food banks having limited to no access to food for people with dietary or health needs, only 1/4 of people who meed the needs of food insecurity even have the regular accessible and helpful reach to and from the programs. It doesn't help there are social stigmas for the usage of them to cement the whole problem. Charity is not the solution to the complex issue of poverty, and relying on food banks is not effective poverty reduction policy-making.

Study Finds Unions Make Companies More Productive by Vice

Commentary: No shit social organization increases the pay, worker rights, and general community of a workforce which ultimately leads to increased productivity. Did anyone actually believe the anti-labor propaganda big business has been spewing for years? Does nobody read history and know what the work world was like before unions? I guess so and I guess not because unions have been being historically crushed for years. Time for a rebirth now that the facts are freaking in?

Tsunami of evictions feared without relief for renters, landlords: B.C. tenant advocate Andrew Sakamoto by The Georgia Straight

Commentary: Delaying evictions doesn't do anything in the long term, what we need to do is provide proper rent relief. Either cancel rent completly for the time of COVID or substantially improve the rental relief programs as at the current moment unless there are more concrete plans of what is going to happen post-state of emergency being lifted, we're just delaying an eviction apocalypse.

Turns out letting ‘efficient’ monopolies control our food supply was a terrible idea by AlterNet

Commentary: Weak antitrust laws by neoliberal governments over the last half a century have eroded basically every element of our society away into something that is a farce of what it's supposed to represent. Consolidation of resources by big companies is bad for worker wages, human rights, environmental safety, economic diversity, and now it's shown it's vulnerability to crisis. It's funny how the big guy's are always crushing the little guy with their economic might, but it's the little guys that adapt to crisis better, provide the best customer interaction, and usually come up with the best product innovation. It's time to ditch crony capitalism and let our countries re-diversify our economies!


How Canadian agricultural producers can lead the way in climate action by The Conversation

Commentary: Developing sustainable and efficient agriculture practices should be one of Canada's primary concerns, especially going forward into a future where we both have to be more self-reliant but have to take the climate change crisis more seriously.

In 50 Years, Billions Of People Could Face Sahara-Like Heat by Futurism

Commentary: One-fifth of the world as hot as the Sahara desert, incapable of growing crops and inhospitable to civilization. Not a good sign, and all within 50 years if we can't curb our efforts.

Is There Enough Wood in the World to Meet the Sustainability Demand? by Deutsche Welle

Commentary: Who would have ever guessed that wood would have a new "eco boom" in demand. And predictably, it's not nearly as eco-friendly as proponents are saying.

The Coming Greater Depression of the 2020s by Project Syndicate

Commentary: A series of tightly interlinked factors are going to domino our economy into an oblivion it'll be damn hard to recover from. This crisis is gonna make the 2008 crash look like kindergarten playground bullshit compared to what's coming. Goverment, Private, and Consumer debt comes crashing down into a stagnant workforce overburdened with goods that can't be moved and workers with no jobs, demand for healthcare skyrockets as countries retract from globalism and currency debasement causes inflation. As manufacturing returns home the automation trend increases, and instead of increasing jobs it just concentrates wealth further to the remaining corporations who won the gladiatorial match that is this crisis. Populist leaders who rise off the social instability further entranching autocratic elements of corporate/goverment control. A trade war intensifies due to populism being even stronger and the weakened state of globalism potentially setting the stage for the next great international standoff or even conflict. Crazy potential for a lot of bad stuff, and it's up to use to recognize it to stop it before it's to late!


Big Pharma Beware: Dr. Montagnier Shines New Light on COVID-19 and The Future of Medicine by Strategic Culture Foundation

Commentary: Behind every outrageous story there always seems to be a truth stranger then fiction. Honestly, the implications of these discoveries are groundbreaking and the fact that the mainstream establishment is trying to purge it like heresy is just more proof in the pudding that mainstream establishment institutions more concerned with maintaining their own hierarchy then innovation shouldn't be in charge of gatekeeping new ideas and idea makers.

Quantum Entanglement Could Fight A Disease That Kills 600,000 In The US A Year by Inverse

Commentary: And if you thought radar was just for locating big things think again, radar is already used in much of our medical technology and the advancement in quantum radar tech could make that tech much more advanced and save many lives!

The toxic chemicals in our homes could increase Covid-19 threat by The Guardian

Commentary: Toxic chemicals that have been leeching into North American waters for years, that have been a known health hazard for years, might be one of the culprits behind the devastating effect it's having on certain individuals. Just another reason on top of all the already countless studies done into them proving just how toxic they are to ban this shit completely and start some sort of water treatment to clean these chemicals out of as much water as possible.


COVID-19 and the bankruptcy of neoliberalism in the context of Global Shift by Open Democracy

Commentary: Privatization of essential services such as health and education just turn them into profit driven models which is a form of aggression on our most needy. It also leaves the systems vulnerable to crisis and resistant to innovation as institutional practices built upon old profit models take precedence to anything else.

GOP’s Coronavirus Stimulus Priority: Make Workers Poorer, Less Safe by New York Magazine

Commentary: I don't understand how Republicans get re-elected. Their electoral base simply must not read the news, because their consistent unwillingness to let anyone get ahead, or often even survive, is very apparent and trackable with consistent reliable records to prove their tendency.

Feds Probe 'Substantial Contractual Relations' Between University Of Texas And Wuhan Biolab by ZeroHedge

Commentary: The amount of connections that the Wuhan Lab has had to prestigious United States Universities is actually baffling and concerning. And the fact that China was experimenting on a virus almost identical to what is currently going on now in that very lab... very strange indeed.

Human Lab Rats: The U.S. Government’s Secret History of Grisly Experiments by The Rutherford Institute

Commentary: The COVID virus doesn't have to be engineered or pre-planned to be manipulated by the governments and corporations for their own nefarious agendas. The US has a long history of human experimentation, and we should be careful watching how things proceed to make sure history doesn't as it so often does (especially with the US's very glaring and painful track record on the subject).

'Slow Moving Coup': Outrage After Trump Quietly Fires State Department Inspector General Friday Night by Common Dreams

Commentary: I really hope that if they can get some sort of provable trail of evidence that these firings are legally baseless and part of retaliatory efforts against government watchdogs, which they most certainly are, then I hope this can be one of the nails in the coffins for the future of Trump's political ambitions.

The Inevitable Coronavirus Censorship Crisis is Here by Reporting by Matt Taibbi

Commentary: Really good article on how digital censorship only damages our democracy and decreases the spread of intellectual discussion, all while diminishing trust in the establishment even further.

The Pessimistic Style in American Politics by Harpers

Commentary: It's amazing how we go around and throw around words like we know the without actually looking into their greater history, meaning, and social context. Populism seems like such a dirty word, I myself have used it in my other commentaries to describe a sense of frenzy driven mob mentality politics, but to learn that basically is just yet another smear to delegitimize people driven political movements is a real shocker, but in some ways also unsurprising once the realization was allowed to sink in.

Why You Should Oppose The Censorship Of David Icke (Hint: It’s Got Nothing To Do With Icke) by Caitlin Johnstone

Commentary: When tech companies with monopolistic empires over the digital content we consume start censoring certain content and then promoting "authoritative" sources who have been proven liars over and over again, and use them as exclusive biased and unaccountable fact checkers, how are we supposed to trust anything anyone says? All censorship does is create extremely polarized bubbles where ideas no longer interact with each other but just get reinforced in their own realms of bias. And the fact that these these tech companies are allowed to keep their monopolies, at threat of antitrust cases being brought to bare, in exchange for surveillance and censorship of their userbase is just the most appalling layer to this whole fiasco. Complicit corruption on the highest levels of our private and public sector. Disgusting!


Army researchers see path to quantum computing at room temperature by U.S. Army

Commentary: I remember just the other day I was reading about how they made revolutionary breakthroughs that they figured out allow them to make Quantum Computing designs less complicated and expensive. Combine that with this project to make them work at regular temperatures and we could have practical quantum computers in the very near future, which is extremely promising as their potential to mine through data is gonna be a game changer in science and technology.

Quantum Radar Prototype Demonstrated – “Microwave Quantum Illumination” Outperforms Classical Radar by SciTechDaily

Commentary: There's no field in which understanding quantum mechanics will not bring us further scientific advancement.

Radio Wave Breakthrough Helps Stabilize Fusion Reactions by Popular Mechanics

Commentary: Fusion reactors are gonna be our source of limitless clean energy. It'll be one of the biggest game changers for humanity, next to quantum computing, and one of the essential steps to the singularity. The fact that we're seeing such breakthroughs in both quantum physics and fusion research over this last year gives me a lot of hope for the future, if society miraculously doesn't implode over the next decade and if the earth doesn't overheat over the next half a century.


How the Crisis Could Accelerate a Revolution in Protein Production by The Tyee

Commentary: It's amazing how one thing could be the tipping point that could revolutionize our food system in a way equivalent to how fusion could revolutionize energy. Cheap easily mass-produced protein that takes little space to grow could be the thing that helps provide food security to the world, and in the end, could kick off a "homegrown food" revolution that will lead us to Jettison's style food production devices. I love the author of this article see the potential in this simple tech for the revolution is could lead to!

Strange Bare Spots on Moon Reveal Possibly Active Lunar Tectonic System by SciTechDaily

Commentary: Physics is wild. A collision from forever ago probably set off a series of processes that are still going on today in the mood which manifests as tectonic activity. What's even wilder is how we can detect these sorts of things through analyzing the shapes of things. Science is cool!

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