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Divine Virtual Reality

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Current Members:

Joey Ramon Hernandez

Past & Current Collaborators:

Scarecrow Pumpkin Smasher

Byronik Viral Infekkt S

ilence Speaks




Demonic Virtual Reality was designed and created by a death experience & drug abuse trip gone wrong. It's a world of havoc & evil a place of torment & pain through speakers everywhere a door trapping all devils & demons scattered around the world keeping them within a dark virtual cage of crazy noises & scary sounds only to watch them be awaken to a new era of pure goodness & righteousness. It's Heaven's awaking as the true cyber angels fight for our Father and all our believes in this cyber warfare going on in our everyday lives. It's the biggest mind game of all games to be played crated by the real rebels of Hell on earth & the heavens above, it's nothing more then Gods little army of dark angels.



Marilyn Manson, Nine Inch Nails, Alien Vampires, Unter Null, Dawn Of Ashes, Psyclon Nine, Pretty Addicted.


Gear/Equipment Used

- Casio-wk200

- DM-558b Chromatic Plated Microphone

- M-Audio KeyRig 49

- JBL Pure Bass J88 Studio Headphones

- Unidirectional Dynamic Microphone

- Programs/software

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