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Founded: 4/14/14 @4:14 AM and PM

Current Members:

Larry McGuire

Past & Current Collaborators:

Matthew "theProphet" Smith for the project LICH vs Jenova Project - Vocals, Production, Remixing, FX, Mixing, and/or Programming (2016-Present)



Lich is a 600-year-old, multi- dimensional, energy vampire, who has rebelled against his Ki-Gada masters and is being relentlessly hunted by the forces of the Argerian Federation. He now shifts between his own universe, (which he calls the Pale Dream) where he strives to help his comrades-in-arms, the Syndicate, to throw off the shackles of tyrannical rule over all reality, and our universe, where he resides within the psyche of some asshole that decided to use Lich’s infinite wisdom to make trashy electronic music.


Brian Boitano, Michelle Kwan, Nancy Kerrigan, Napalm Death, Skinny Puppy, Deicide, Mindless Self Indulgence, Tobacco, Liars, Young Sexy Assassins, the god known as David Bowie, My life with the Thrill Kill Kult, Kublai Khan, Augustus Caesar, Elizabeth Montgomery, Dog Fashion Disco, Peter Gabriel, Gary Numan, I am error (Monomate), King Diamond, Dimmu Borgir, Eugene Debbs, Gary Gygax, Maurice Lemarche, Death Grips, Author and Punisher, The Body, Throbbing Gristle, Bastard Noise, The Legendary Pink Dots, Sepultura, Clipping., !!!, Jello Biafra, Death Set, The Knife, P.J. Harvey, The Locust, Neptune, The Electric Mayhem, White Zombie, Space Streakings, Ween, Car Alarms, and Count Olaf


Gear/Equipment Used

The Mighty Mac

Yamaha Portable Grande Keyboard

Mortal flesh

Numark Mixer


Krate speakers

Lexicon Multi-FX Processor

Arrows (22)

Mace of Obscene Repulsion (+3 vs. opposite sex)

Orphans soul (1)


THAC0: 7

A.C.: -1

Special Defenses: Nervous Flatulent 1d6 (1-4 brown/ 5-6 green) no saves

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