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Welcome to the dawn of The Infidel Netwerk. This is the place where all bands, artists, promoters, agencies, that feel the desire to form a universal artistic collective have an opportunity to share and update us all on their various endeavors. This is the beginning of a community platform for creativity per say.


I theProphet look forward to showing off many new emerging local and/or independent artists who play unique and psychomagickal music. The only requirements are atmosphere, creativity,  and quality: we accept bands without genres of all kinds.


We feature interviews, reviews, an up-to-date stream of new content including music videos, new songs, and full album releases, as well as behind-the-scenes info on the various artists.


The whole idea is just to get our names out there collectively, and promote art that is unique, diverse, and that refuses to be labelled and confined by the mainstream.


Looking to join The Infidel Netwerk? Head over to our signup page to learn about what we offer in detail + what we expect. And if it's up your alley there's a form you can fill out.


DISCLAIMER! The views of any member of The Infidel Netwerk are expressly their own. Any post made on The Infidel Netwerk is the expression of the content poster, and not of The Infidel Netwerk as a whole. We seek to let a wide variety of people express themselves, with a wide variety of different and often controversial views. The views between different people don't necessarily have to relate, nor does anyone's expressions represent the views or ideas of anyone else associated with The Infidel Netwerk. Take each author or presenter on a case by case basis, and realize that we are here to prevent censorship, not make a cozy group of people who all agree with each other and give each other pats on the back.


The Infidel Netwerk is...





Universal Achievement/Non-Competition

Distribution of Resources

Universal Access to Knowledge/Gnosis


...A Real Community For Those Who Wish to Connect With Other Creators and Leaders: It is far too easy to follow the cookie cutter path of wake up, eat your meal, make your lunch, go to work, come home, eat your dinner, watch your TV, go to sleep. But that is just a routine of endlessly slaving away for the dreams of others. The good news is: this is not the path that we all have to follow. All one needs is a community of other creators and leaders, a place where we can stand as one to show off and shine our visions and creations out into the world. The Infidel Netwerk is this place, a community of individuals who all share the same common vision of allowing our passion and creativity conquer this seemingly persistent world of fear and apathy, for which the current world Oligarch’s consistently present us with.


...Giving a Voice to the Voiceless: We live in an age where money predominantly dominates who can and cannot be heard. As our politicians, propped up by a corrupt financial institution, prop up the systems to make the social inequality divide even further in their favor, we have the responsibility to band together and pool our resources and skills together; we must make a voice where there was none before. We at The Infidel Netwerk offer to give a Podium of Opportunity to those who would traditionally have none. We are the Voice for those who wish to stand up for their right to have one.


...Support to all Willing to Help Themselves: If you have a creative idea, or a project that you wish to get off the ground, then feel free to propose it to/for/at The Infidel Netwerk. Our whole goal here is to attempt to get ideas out of people's head, and into reality; turning Will into Creation. All it takes is will, courage, direction, and follow through. If you give it your all, keeping consistent, communicating with your crew, then you will not only have the support from yourself, but you will also get support from the whole community.


...a Place of Community, Acceptance, & Sharing: The Infidel Netwerk is a place where all ideas are free to be proposed, mulled upon, critiqued, and debated without rhetoric reduced to name-calling, genre-bashing, or any general spiteful commentary. We believe in being the helping hand, where if your idea has creative potential and momentum, we are willing to figure out what resources, commentary, and community support we can find to help you. Also, you yourself can join the team of commenters and community supporters. If you have a comment, critique, or idea feel free to propose it, but make sure to be specific about what it is you’re trying to convey. A simple "this rocks" or "this sucks" doesn't help anyone in any way. Especially if you have something negative to say, make sure to offer a reason why, and if possible some possible advice or ideas on where they could go.


...Is A Cornerstone of Trust: We believe in a society where we can be free, where we can trust not only ourselves to present the truest and best version of ourselves, but also to receive that same gratitude from others. The Infidel Netwerk is a party for success, self-improvement, and moving forward in whatever journey it is that you wish to take. Have trust in yourself, and others will trust you as well. We can build a better community one step at a time, it just requires faith in our better humanity.


...the Middle Path: Lastly, we here at The Infidel Netwerk haven chosen the path of neutrality, looking to see through, and past, the duality of every situation to see the route paradox >=< allowing Liberation and Freedom from the traditional route expectations of reality <=> equaling a total and complete loving acceptance for all walks and paths and how they form themselves in creation. We are beings of divine creation, and we seek to allow the truest potential of such state being manifest. We do this through acceptance of all that moves in the pathway of Compassion and Understanding. There is no good and evil, there is only Compassion and Suffering. Put away your dogma, and accept all who doth not harm others.

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