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The Infidel Netwerk is always looking for new talent to feature in our collective. But, what sort of people are we looking for? What do we have to offer? And what requirements are there for membership? Well, let's start with what we have to offer, then we'll move into what we're looking for, then specific membership requirements, and finally the application process itself.


What We're Offer


1. You And Your Content Promoted On Our Website & Social Media

2. Opportunity To Connect & Collaborate With Other Members
3. A Place In Our Artists Encyclopedia

4. Your Videos On Our YouTube Channel & Website Video Section

5. Your Services Promoted On Website & Social Media
6. Private The Infidel Netwerk Community Resources & Discounts


You And Your Content Promoted On Our Website & Social Media


The first and most obvious benefit of joining The Infidel Netwerk is having all of your content promoted on both our website and our social media (including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, and VKontakte). Whenever you have a new creation available to the public, we will make sure it is known to the public. And it will stay on our media unless we are told otherwise to take it down, meaning anybody searching through our archives of content (all properly tagged by genre, country, style, etc) can find your content then as well.


Opportunity To Connect & Collaborate With Other Members


The Infidel Netwerk is a continually growing thriving group of independent open minded free thinking creative and intelligent human beings who wish to discover new and innovative new content all the time. We love to collaborate, co-create, provide advice, and in general provide a community for other like-minded individuals to feel comfortable with.


A Place In Our Artists Encyclopedia


We have an artist encyclopedia which shows all of our currently active members organized by genre and frequency of activity. Once you join you get your own place in the encyclopedia, with your own personal profile which details all of your releases, a biography, as well as links to all your website and media.


Your Videos On Our YouTube Channel & Website Video Sections


Anytime you have a new video or song you wanted to be posted, we can put it up on our YouTube channel to reach our ever-growing subscriber audience. We also do-reposts, so don't worry about it being on your channel as well. We don't demand exclusivity, we are just looking to build up the community.


Your Services Promoted On Website & Social Media


Do you offer some form of service that you feel viewers of our website might appreciate, such as music mixing and mastering services, painting and/or graphics design, creation of sample packs and purchasable multi-media, videography, and video editing, or any other service that you feel you could offer people across the world, then we can promote that service online on our blog, on our social media, and in our specifically dedicated Services section of the website.


Private The Infidel Netwerk Community Resources & Discounts


All of our members communicate through a private Facebook community, which once you are a member of you will have access to. This is where we have behind the scenes discussions about The Netwerk happenings and future plannings, where we discuss music production and other artistic endeavors, where we plan live shows, and where we connect and collaborate with other members. Being part of this community also means that you get a discount on any services that other members are providing, if a discount is financially possible, and since almost all of our members of The Infidel Netwerk are multi-talented this could be quite useful if you are looking for additional creative or intellectual individuals talent to assist in your endeavours. 


What We're Looking For


We have four major things we are looking for in potential new members:

1. People In It For The Long Game

2. Active Content Creators

3. Free Thinkers & Innovators

4. Those That Want To Build With A Community


People In It For The Long Game


We are looking for people who genuinely want to turn their artistic or intellectual passions into something bigger than themselves. We want people who aren't just creating at the moment but want to be creators consistently for the foreseeable future (possibly forever!). Passion and ambition are the two things one needs to succeed, but if you don't have both things will never go far. We are looking for people who have ambition and passion, and we want to help uplift you and connect you with a community of other people who want the same thing.


Active Content Creators


The next thing we are looking for is people who are active content creators in their chosen field of media. Whether you make music, artwork, videos, write articles, or produce any other form of media which can be presented in some format digitally, we wish to help promote it to a wider audience. But we also wanna see you being active. Promoters and community builders can only go so far if the creators aren't keeping consistent enough with new updates on their works, their life, their views, or whatever. Presence is important.


Free Thinkers & Innovators


Once we've established that you are an active content creator, our next requirement is that you have an open mind and are willing to move with change. Picking up new techniques, collaborating with new artists, or even just interacting and reflecting with your scene you want to be part of... connectivity and progression with your craft and community are essential to artistic and intellectual growth.


Those That Want To Build A Community



The Infidel Netwerk is about community, networking, and providing a platform for people to promote their content. However, there's no sense in promoting content on our community platforms from those that don't want to build themselves with our community. To be part of The Netwerk you need to be willing to rep the collective name and participate in communication with other members. Now, this isn't a strict system by any means, but a level of community building is essential for us to all grow as a team. 


Specific Membership Requirments


Specific membership requirments are pretty minor. And are outlined as follows:

1. If you advertise your artistic/intellectual works on Facebook, and are not actively hiding them from your personal profile, we ask you put that you have in your profile that you either work at The Infidel Netwerk or add your description somewhere that you are part of The Infidel Netwerk.


2. When you release new content, somewhere in the description of the content, or in the case of written articles have something written at the bottom of the article, that states:

Released in conjunction with The Infidel Netwerk artistic collective:


3. If you have new content that you are getting ready to post, send me a preview of the content so that I can have some time to write up my promotional writings for the content that I add to every post on my blog and social media. When the content is live, make sure to send me a link to the media so that I can make my posts on my website that links back to your content go live as well.


4. If you are a member of Facebook, Check The Infidel Netwerk private Facebook group, that you will be added to, at least once a week (preferably more). Try to connect with other members, add them on Facebook, follow and like their posts, even send them a message introducing yourself. Try to participate in the community a bit.


How To Sign Up


So you've read all that and are still interested? Well send me an email at:


Provide me links to your websites, social media, any places digitally where you present your content currently. Send me a brief description of what you're all about, and why you think you're a fit for The Infidel Netwerk.


If your content is engaging and/or interesting, and I feel you have a good attitude, chances are I'll send you a message back confirming your interest and reviewing over some of the rules. And if all goes well, you'll be in. Simple at that.

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