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Droid Sector Decay


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1 - Spread The Virus... Western
2 - Pleasure Is Sin.jpg
3 - The Android Invasion.jpg
4 - Hell.jpg
5 - There Is No Light Over Devil's Land.
6 - Virus.jpg
7 - We Are The Cure.jpg
8 - State Of Fear.jpg

Founded: 2009

Country of Origin: Greece

Current Members:

Anton : music/lyrics/vocals
Aubrey : music/lyrics/vocals
Betty : music/vocals



Their first work called "Spread the VIRUS...Western DECAY" was an independent release and influenced by the dark electro/industrial scene from the early 80's with today's modern twist of industrial sounds. In Sept 2011 the second album, "There Is No Light Over Devil's Land" was released and a new member, Aubrey, joined making the band a duo. In 20/01/2013 the third album "A Reflection Of Fear" saw the light of day. Front cover artwork was a painting by Aleta Welling. In Oct 2014 Betty Koster (Phantasm Nocturnes) joined in and she will become the third member of DSD. DSD is an experimental project which combines influences from all music genres. It is not an easy listening $commercial$ act.  


You will hear sounds from our twisted aspect of view. This is how we see & realize things about music creation. 
There are no boundaries...there are no limits... WELCOME TO DECAY...SPREAD THE VIRUS



Cat Rapes Dog, A Split Second, Front 242, Velvet Acid Christ, Vomito Negro, Clock DVA, Aghast View, Front Line Assembly, Noise Unit, Numb, Page 12, PRoject Pitchfork, :wumpscut:, Leather Strip, Die Krupps, Nitzer Ebb, SPK, Electro Assassin, Ministry, Chemlab, Razed In Black, KMFDM, G. G. F. H., Block 57, Apoptygma Berzerk, Dead When I Found Her, and many others..​​

9 - A Reflection Of Fear.jpg
10 - Toxic Steel Chamber.jpg
14 - OF Splendour & Tragedy.jpg
15 - Ascension Into Heaven.jpg
18 - Satanic Rituals Of Science & Blasph
19 - National Union Of World Murder.jpg
11 - To Ride The Eternal Wings Of Paradi
16 - The Stategies Of Contradiction Grot
12 - Flesh Controlling Body.jpg
16 - Dwellers Of The Underground.jpg
13 - Romance Breeds Jazz.jpg
17 - A Grotesque Disfigured Face.jpg
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