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The Best Links On The Net: 5-03-2020 by Jenova Project

Updated: May 20, 2020

A collection of the best links gathered around the net on a wide variety of engaging substances. I hope you all enjoy! All links are found up on The People's Party Of Planet Earth on Facebook for discussion. Feel free to join in, and submit your own articles for discussion as well:

All links are collected by theProphet, founder of The Infidel Netwerk, and songwriter performer behind Jenova Project & M-Fap. Keep up to date with his latest happening on his official Facebook:

Economy & Sociology

Corporate greed knows no bounds, even during a global pandemic by National Observer

Commentary: For those that think the Canadian corporate world is kinder and harsher then our Southern brothers, then think again.

Payday Lenders Are Charging Up to 780% Interest Amid Coronavirus Panic by Vice

Commentary: Payday lenders should be far more severely regulated then they are. This sort of shit that just entraps people in poverty.

The 5th Coronavirus Relief Package We Need by Dissident Voice

Commentary: Honestly, a transition to low-cost clean energy-based systems, increased automation in the workforce, and a fairly rated universal basic income are the only real solutions in my opinion.

The Vulture Capitalists Are Counting on Us to Do Nothing by The Nation

Commentary: Every crisis is just a new opportunity for those who can weather the storm. And trust me, there are people profiting already, let alone just weathering the storm, so expect vulture capitalism to go in hard unless America truly revolts. This is your time to shine America... or to completely crumble from the inside out.

We say we’re all in this together, but are we? by The Star

Commentary: As I've said before and I'll say again, this crisis really exposes just how rotten to the core our previous practice is. If a crisis like this brings most of the nations of the world to their knees completely then you know the systems we have been continually promoting and furtherly interconnecting were failing us before this happened.


Endangered Tigers Face Growing Threats From an Asian Road-Building Boom by The Conversation

Commentary: China being the masters of central planning shouldn't have THAT much difficulty integrating conservationists into their road-building plans. And it would go a long way to preserving their natural wildlife.

Twenty-first century 'eco-grief' is nothing new for the world's underprivileged by Rabble

Commentary: Sadly much of our natural responses to a broken world is (possibly intentionally?) misdiagnosed as some sort of mental health issue, possibly with an unproven biological origin they’d love to sell some medication for you to treat. But that’s just a pathological biological response with economic priorities attempting to deal with a holistic sociological issue that requires deep levels of action. Numbing your emotions and doing mindfulness exercises to “accept your current place in the universe/role in this world” isn’t going to help the issue, if anything it's just going to exacerbate it. Our world is being killed by predatory economic forces and our government is being run by lunatics that are driving this. If grief isn’t the best response then what is? I’d suggest anger and action, but that would require some general solutions for us to poor that collective anger into. Hopefully, just hopefully, maybe this COVID crisis will provide us an opportunity to enact some of the solutions that have been proposed by continually sidelined up until now.


FDA Grants Emergency Use Of Remdesivir For COVID-19 Patients by Futurism

Commentary: 4 days less of full symptomatic infection is really quite an improvement, and could mean the difference between life and death for some people! Really glad this is getting fast-tracked through approval.

Hunt for an Effective Treatment for COVID-19 Leads to Llamas & Their Special Antibodies by SciTechDaily

Commentary: Llamas have always been our adorable friends, and now they could be saving our lives! It's truly amazing the vast diversity in solutions, and where they are finding them, to this COVID crisis. Really bringing out the best in human ingenuity IMO.

We found and tested 47 old drugs that might treat the coronavirus: Results show promising leads and a whole new way to fight COVID-19 by The Conversation

Commentary: Meta-analysis is always something I've been extremely interested in, and I think with the bulk of human ingenuity continually being dolled out all the time there's a lot of stuff that flies past our common understanding of application. Instead of always inventing something new, often re-purposing can be x10 more efficient, as long as you have the effective data to be able to analyse and pull up the solution from existing information.


Averting Our Gaze From Biowarfare: Pandemics And Self-fulfilling Prophecies by Down With Tyranny

Commentary: We like to pretend that a laboratory leak of COVID is impossible, and we love to trust the paid professionals who are coughing up all sorts of easily poked through stories trying to divert any possible eyes looking into the human potential, whether accidental or not. But that sort of faith is just naivety especially when we look at the track record easily exposed.

Biden Is Everything The Democrats Are: Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix by Caitlin Johnstone

Commentary: Biden is the perfect Democrat, which is why trying to create change within that party is futile. Biden and Bide-like candidates are all you will ever get from the BEST of the Democratic Establishment. Unless the party itself is turned over completely and the old guard is kicked out, it's time to start banking on third parties as a serious option.

Can technology become a tool of oppression and surveillance? by Open Democracy

Commentary: Surveillance when conducted for benevolent purposes actually has a lot of potentials for keeping peace and reducing crime. The problem is, as we can see by the rampant abuses of the American immigration and deportation system or excessive illegal data collecting and monitoring of the general public online, the forces that control the mechanisms of mass surveillance are often not benevolent or working within any range of accountability.

EPA Has Been Captured by Fossil Fuel Interests, Democratic Senators Tell Court by Desmog

Commentary: Nothing I didn't know already, but glad they are actually taking full coordinated action against this issue including getting reputable scientific organizations backing them. Hopefully this will actually get some traction!

How Huawei’s 5G roll-out is directly tied to China’s human rights abuses and “digital gulags” by Reclaim The Net

Commentary: It's disturbing how all of these so-called democratic countries are all teaming up with companies that are known Chinese Communist Party collaborators. So busy with Russophobia, but China is way more of a threat then Russia will ever be.

Israel’s New Government Is Exploiting Pandemic to Annex 30 Percent of West Bank by Truthout

Commentary: When I read stuff like this it really reinforces my view that the UN is just an ceremonial body to make the world feel more connected. A PR body for a non-existent peaceful global hegemony.

Lobbying in Ottawa hit monthly records amid oil crash and pandemic, stats show by Ottawa Buisness Journal

Commentary: There's been a lot of worry about the influence big energy is gonna have in the upcoming continued bailouts needed to keep our country afloat, and it looks like those concerns are valid with lobbying, particularly in the energy industry, being at an all time high, no doubt to secure as much of a chunk of future bailouts as they can.

Media Washes Hands of—and With—Boris Johnson by FAIR

Commentary: The media has this nasty habit of inflating tyrants for ratings and then using their subsequent destruction and ridiculous temperament for ratings, then they use their eventual fall for ratings, and repeat the cycle all over again. To make it worse time and time again they are proven to sabotage genuine candidates who are the real harbingers of change. How did our journalistic standards get so low? Oh yes, our general pursuit of capital over truth... The Covid-19 “Manhattan Project” and its Ties to the CIA by Dissident Voice

Commentary: The interconnection of the CIA and the Bill & Melina Gates Foundation is so disturbing. I've read so many articles over the years showing direct connections where CIA shell companies and the Gates Foundation are both investing in the same projects over and over again. This is once again, no different.

Science & Technology

New Discovery May Explain How Matter Outpaced Antimatter in the Early Universe by The Mind Unleashed

Commentary: It's really quite fascinating to see all the competing theories of about the early state of the universe, all of them with varying degrees of proofs for them. It's quite a fascinating time for us to be in active hot pursuit of the physics math of the creation of the universe!

Scientist Have Discovered How To Convert Human Waste Into Bricks by TruthTheory

Commentary: It's amazing the strange ways in which humans find to solve our problems.

Texas A&M Researchers Help Give Robotic Arms A Steady Hand For Surgeries by Texas A&M Today

Commentary: The continued growth of our robotics divisions, and our progress we've been making on the integration between man & machine, is quite phenomenal. In an era where we want to minimize physical contact in the medical environment more and more to reduce bacterial/viral contamination, having safe and effective robotic helpers with precise control is more valuable than ever.

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