The Best Links On The Net: 5-04-2020 by Jenova Project

Updated: May 20, 2020

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Economy & Sociology

Has COVID-19 Proven The Homeschoolers Right? by The American Conservative


Commentary: My kid has been doing an at home school learning program, and I gotta say her productivity, focus, and effort has skyrocketed since she's been doing it at home.

'It feels like nobody cares': the Americans living without running water amid Covid-19 by The Guardian


Commentary: Facing losing your last line of defense against the virus, running water, during this crisis for economic reasons created by the crisis is a horrible slap in the face only Capitalism will allow.

How The Coronavirus Stimulus Left Small Businesses High And Dry by The American Conservative


Commentary: I understand this bill was put together rapidly under pressure circumstances with extreme partisanship on both sides, but holy hell this bill is one hell of a rodeo, and I don't mean that in a good way. Loopholes, people being left in the dirt, and a lot of chaos. Not what people wanna be dealing with when they're livelihood is a stake.

Meat Supply Disruptions Are the Bitter Harvest of the “Non-Essential Worker” Fallacy by Foundation For Economic Education


Commentary: Basically, policymaking suffers much of the same issues pretty much every Western way of dealing with things does which is it's trying to deal with symptoms and not root issues, and often in doing so they create more problems while lettering the original problem run rampant.

Stop Hospitals From Hounding Poor Patients by Counterpunch


Commentary: Asking hospitals not to engage in predatory debt collection post-crisis on at-risk individuals and ensuring nonprofit hospitals that are bailed out invest their money wisely (aka accountability) is not to much to ask, or radical at all. If anything, this should be the base minimum!

The Black Death Killed Feudalism. What Does COVID-19 Mean for Capitalism? by Foreign Policy in Focus


Commentary: By analyzing the three of the major markets that have dominated modern Capitalism, and how they have completely imploded as a result of predictable and at least partially preparable crisis, we have some pretty good indication that the best strategy for humans further survival and market stability is serious reform or even better systematic overhaul.

The Myth of the V-Shaped US Economic Recovery by Counterpunch


Commentary: The myth of a v-shaped recovery is a dangerous idea in that will g