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New Album!: Machines On Blast - Black Market Happiness

After taking a bit of extended break to rest, recharge, and create, Machines On Blast are back in full form delivering a jam-packed release of devilishly intense Industrial Metal album. Giving you 13 tracks, with only 2 of them clocking under 4 minutes in length, this album certainly makes up for some lost time. Fronted by the insanely charismatic and dominating personality that is Evan Mitchell, who makes his talented powerful presence well known throughout the release with his diverse and engaging array of vocal styles, and backed by an equally impressive slew of musicians who manage to match his performance variety and enthusiasm with their own vigor, this is not an album you want to miss if you like your heavier guitar music with some synths.

This release refuses to fail to deliver all the way through, giving you (almost) nothing but balls-to-the-walls entirely exhilarating guitar driven electro metal stompers. A good chunk of the music could easily fit on a Fear Factory or Deathstars album, with heavy but groovy guitars, pointedly delivered aggressive vocals, backed by 2000s dancefloor inspired synths, and penetrating but hypnotic drums that balance their duty to the heavier and groovier elements more then adequately. However, this album isn't one trick pony, dabbling in some more progressive elements, such as the gothic rock inspired song Living The Lie, as well as the Alternative Metal inspired "Slaves To Our Own Past" and "Untruths And Imperfections". A potent collection of tracks, which can be found available on all major streaming services. Just type in Machines On Blast Black Market Happiness in the search section of your desired player and it should come. We will have links to some of the most popular sites below:

Check out their official Facebook page to keep up to date with their latest happenings:

Download all their music on their official Bandcamp:

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