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New Album!: Sirreal - The Blue Album

Raw and emotional, giving rhymes straight from the heart and the streets, Sirreal presents another autobiographical release of multi-faceted hip-hop inspired pop music. His fourth album overall, and probably his most ambitious, he wears his personal history on his sleeve, using his life freely as an open book, exposing his various highs and lows unabashedly. Right when you thought he had hit his peak prime in lyrical prowess and performance technique with his last release "In The Nick Of Time", this album comes along and gives it a serious run for it's money.

While firmly rooted in rap music, this album is one of, if not, his most diverse. Featuring songs like "Perfect Fit", "Soulless High", "Wear It Well", "Long Way Around" (coming in at half the album) that range more in the Rock direction, as well as pivoting in the direction of modern trap for the solid opener "The Next Greats", as well as trying something truly new to spectacular results for my personal favorite track on the album, the uplifting pop ballad-duet "The Real Shit" (performed with the equally talented soul reaching vocalist Jona Kristinsson). And for those fans of classic old school boom-bap hip-hop you won't be disappointed with tracks such as "Save Me" and "Watch It Burn" fleshing out the release. A shorter then his last release, but very sweet release, don't miss it available streaming at all major platforms:

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