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New Album!: Biohacker - Artificial Realignment

Biohacker​ returns with a brand new jam-packed album of danceable Industrial Rock hits. Filled with his trademark untamed distorted guitars, powerful melodic synths, and breakbeat and techno-inspired drums, you'll get everything you expect from your favorite Irish Rivethead. A reliable yet dynamic release the tracks blend in well to each other giving you a very well-paced listening experience, however, don't take the strong sonic consistency mistake you for lack of diversity as each track still manages to stand on its own with their own unique atmospheres, vibes, and direction. One song even includes Mr. Hacker's first attempt at doing vocals, which you can find on the track Slave, and you won't be disappointed. A truly potent release from beginning to end, make sure to check out this exciting batch of songs on his official Bandcamp for digital download:

Info by artists from the Bandcamp page:

"Breathe in and open your consciousness in preparation for your Realignment.

It will not hurt.....much.

An electric sensation, like icy metal, on an exposed nerve...then...

Welcome to your new beginning in a world where the real and the digi-real are intermixed.

You are no longer ARTIFICIAL. You are REALIGNED.

This is ARTIFICIAL REALIGNMENT. The first new material from BIOHACKER in over a year.

Sit back, relax and turn it up.

All tracks written and recorded by BIOHACKER @ BIOHACKER STUDIOS

Mixed and mastered by theProphet @ Netwerk Studios, Langley British Columbia.

Released in association with HEADSHOT MUSIC UK.

Headshot Music UK can be contacted @

Infidel Studios/theProphet can be contacted @

Thanks to all the various radio shows such as, Ghost Wave Radio, Synthentral, Dark Indulgence, Cyberage Radio, Pat 626 Subculture Shock, DJ AsuraSunil and the multitude of others, some that I never even find out about! (c'mon say hi!) that have taken the time to playlist and support BIOHACKER over the years and with this release. BIOHACKER loves you all.

Big THANKS to the Hacker Family for having to endure my mood swings and listening to the same piece of track over, and over, and over again! You are my #1 fans!!

Also a big shout out to the guys in Chmcl Str8jkt for getting me to get my ass in gear and being an inspiration. Thanks guys."

Get all the lowdown on Biohacker's project including a biography, release catalog, and links to his social media and streaming websites, check out his Encyclopedia profile on The Infidel Netwerk:

Follow Biohacker on his official Facebook for up to date information on their latest activities:

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