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Music Video : BESS - Tyrants (Remaster 2021)

BESS, recently known for her collaborations with Toothpinch in the potent multi-genre project Whitecauldron, has released a remastered version of one of her best solo tracks, along with a new music video to accompany. Featuring a strong groove and driving beat, contrasted with atmospheric synths and dreamy vocals, almost like a perfect mashup in between Nine Inch Nails and Pink Floyd this song will certainly entertain any Alternative Metal or Industrial Rock fan looking for something with a bit of an artsy sheen. Vibrant and stark in her music video's imagery you'll find yourself lost in a simple but effective psychedelic journey that perfectly matches the mystifying nature of the music. Check it out free streaming on YouTube:

or on Soundcloud:

Make sure to follow her Facebook page to keep up to date with her latest activities:

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