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Music Video!: Toothpinch - Love Story

Psychedelic post-apocalyptic imagery, aggressive posturing, and disorienting visual effects work effectively to accurately convey the potent psychodrama trying to be conveyed in this full-throttle industrial metal track. An excellent sampling from Toothpinch's latest release, "3 To Thee", check out this simple but effective music video on his official YouTube for free streaming:

Stream the album on Spotify, Apple Music, and more:

Description by the artist:

"3 reflective songs about the pains of loss and starting anew."


All songs, lyrics, music, artwork, mixing, master produced by Toothpinch.

Follow Toothpinch on his official Facebook to get up to date info:

Discover more about Toothpinch's project on his official The Infidel Netwerk Encyclopedia page:

Discover more about the project on his official website:

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