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Fresh Trax! : Jugem's Cloud - Tentacle

The third single from Jugem's Cloud​ upcoming anticipated album "The Factory Bloc", this track "Tentacle" trades in their usual guitar-driven energy and taps into their more electronic and moody vibes. Grooving and slithering along, much like a tentacle the track is named after, the dark synths melodies really draw you into their slippery grasp. Raspy vocals and metallic pounding drums contrast to the more softer elements keeping the music firmly in the Industrial music realm, however, their blend isn't jarring probably due to the exceptional mixing of the project making it a smooth and atmospheric listen throughout. Check out the track streaming on all major platforms with links to pretty much all of them available, as well as an audio sample, on their official website:

Follow Jugem's Cloud on their official Facebook or Instagram to keep up to date with their latest activities:

Go to the official Jugem's Cloud website or The Infidel Netwerk encyclopedia page to discover more about the band:

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