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Album Review: Vicious 5150 - Getaway Music

Vicious 5150 delivers another deadly dishing of diverse hip-hop entrees. Coming in at only 17 minutes, this EP feels neither too short nor too long with each track being a focused effort delivering exactly what it's supposed to without overextending itself. The first two tracks of the release really speak to the diversity of the album moving from an introspective and moody track with the first song to a more groovy and socially critical piece. The album continues along that fashion with distinction and purpose being given to each song both instrumentally and lyrically. The bars and beats are strong all the way throughout with no song feeling like filler, and the overall the production quality is on the higher end of indie music/self-productions. My personal favorite tracks were Levelled Up with its groovy old school beat and snappy rhymes, Only Me for it's fun and quirky nature, and Keep Winning for it's feel-good vibes done perfectly, though really all the tracks have their own charm and I'd recommend the release from beginning to end, and it's short enough there's no incentive to really skip a track. Definitely, a solid entry in Vicious 5150's ever-growing discography, don't miss it available on a wide variety of streaming services including...

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