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Review: Rcthahazard - Cwk Pt. 3

The Hazmat Crew​ has been very busy over the last several months putting out awesome release after release, with the architect of the crew RcThaHazard​ most recently dropping several new EPs. The most recent of these is Cwk Pt. 3, a smooth and diverse collection of songs, with most if not all of the beats presumably produced by himself. Showing his strong abilities as an organizational connoisseur, all of the tracks have a perfect flow into each other despite having radically different sounds and collaborators.

However, not only is he a great architect, but he's also a passionate and talented lyricist. Giving the appropriate level of emotional intensity or cool playfulness depending on the needs of the beat or collaborator, which he has one for every track, he manages to make himself a very adaptable master of rhyme as well as producer. Flying & Crumbling are two of my favorite tracks on the album, the first one showcasing his speed and playfulness, the second showing his emotional depth. Though every track stands on its own with it's worth. Check out that album steaming on your favorite services including:

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