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Review: J-ClawSin - Clawstrophobia

Unapologetically honest, J-ClaWsin unleashes his heart and soul on this potent batch of hip-hop tracks that make up his latest album, "Clawstrophobia". Track after track he rips apart his insides and puts them on brazen display, his trials and tribulations, his journey to conquer demons and overcome failure presented in a tirade of fine rhythmic poetry. Verging from smooth and soft, to fast and pronounced, and veering everywhere in between, J shows his vocal diversity across the release much to the enjoyability of the record. Sounding truly cathartic, with passion behind his voice, and wit behind his rhyme, all throughout, making it not only a great emotional expression but also a well put together album.

Balancing his often dark and moody personal expositions is a variety of potently synergistic collaborating featuring artists, ranging from smooth female vocalists, fellow long time friend, and local legends in the hip-hop scene, we got a potent cast of characters here to help guide this album along it's voyage. Gluing everything together is an equally exceptional set of very modern beats, with many of them verging on the trap and EDM side of hip-hop, with a very moody yet energetic and uplifting vibe consistent throughout most of the release.

To go along with the modern sounds is a very crisp mix throughout the whole album, keeping things fresh, audible, and discernible. Ultimately I would highly recommend this release to anyone interested in fresh underground hip-hop, and especially anyone into keeping up with the local BC hip-hop scene.

The album drop's May 11th, so don't miss it!

Follow J-ClawSin on his Facebook and Twitter account for a stream of up-to-date information:

You can find his music for digital download on Bandcamp:

You can find some of his, and his collaborators, other releases on the HazMatMusic Bandcamp page:

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