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New Album! : Lilith My Mother - Her Fall

Lilith My Mother returns with a brand new EP of mood-setting atmospheric tunes of the darkwave persuasion, entitled "Her Fall". A very uplifting synth-heavy, borderline futurepop, type sequence of tracks, despite their more sullen topics. Deep, dark yet powerfully melodic, these tracks will strike a place in your heart with emotive relatable lyrics and the sort of enveloping powerful instrumentals to back his soul evoking lyrics. Additionally, to make the release a bit more spiced up, there are four additional remixes provided by a variety of different artists, including our own in-house band Jenova Project, as well as Era Nocturna, London Sadness, and Melachonic. Don't miss this short but sweet serving of doom and delight.


1. Her Little Black Soul 2. Face The Fall 3. Her Little Black Soul (Jenova Project Remix) 4. Face The Fall (Era Nocturna Remix) 5. Face The Fall (London Sadness Remix) 6. Face The Fall (Melancholic Remix by Killing Key)

You can find the album for digital download on his official Bandcamp:

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