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New Album!: LICH vs Jenova Project - The Fall

In a future where humans are long gone robots scour the earth, half-intelligent, half-drone looking for pieces and remnants of past civilizations to build upon. However, within what they find will unlock something within that we thought sacred to mankind. And this spark of "salvation" will ultimately lead to their apocalypse. This is the story of The Fall after The Fall.

You can stream the album on The Infidel Netwerk's official YouTube channel:

Jenova Project's Spotify channel:

or the official LICH vs Jenova Project Soundcloud account:

Download the track on our official Bandcamp at a very reasonable "Pay What You Want" price:

or at iTunes for $4.95:


1. Revive

2. The Fall

3. 11010111

4. Overlord

5. The Strangers

Credits Music composed and created by Matt "theProphet" Smith and LICH Vocals performed by Matt "theProphet" Smith & LICH Mixed and Mastered by Matt "theProphet" Smith Check out Matt's other projects: Jenova Project:

M-Fap at: Transhumanist at: Izkrist at: Check out Larry's other project LICH:

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