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New Album!: The KAN - I Will Take What's Mine

Releasing his second EP of 2018, Portugese DnB/Metal fusion act The KAN has kept himself mighty busy producing quality material. This EP manages to be his most diverse to date. Starting off with a title track, which features an epic almost punk inspired track with extremely powerful vocals, followed by Fortuna a dark and haunting track we reviewed earlier in the month, then It's Okay To Be Strange, a tried true classic DnB/Industrial Metal fusion that we've all grown to love from The Kan. The second half of the release provides Legion of Horribles, a bizarre Industrial/Thrash/Dubstep combination that sounds like a madhouse, and then lastly an instrumental cover of Cypress Hill's Rockstar, rounding the album out for an extremly diverse release of hard hitting electro metal. Check it out it out on The KAN's official Soundcloud:

​Get up to date information on his official Facebook:

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