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New Album!: Big M.I.C. - Lost World

Big M.I.C.​ releases an interesting mixture of EP and retrospective compilation, giving us the 10 track album, "Lost World". Featuring 3 new original hip-hop tracks (some of his most catchy work to date), an instrumental intro, and remasters of 6 classic tracks previously recorded at The Infidel Netwerk, some of them where no longer digitally available and are now sounding better then ever having been pumped up in volume and had the overall mixes tweaked for clarity. A good release for fans of old or newcomer alike, giving them a taste of something fresh and a look at something old through new lenses, this release can be found for download at his official Bandcamp at a "Pay What You Want" price:

Album recorded, mixed, and mastered at The Infidel Netwerk by Matt "theProphet" Smith (aka M-Fap, Jenova Project... among others)


1. Walk The Line (Intro)

2. Where I'm From

3. Smoked Out

4. Lost World

5. Check The History

6. Run This Town

7. Rat Race

8. Going To Hell

9. Copycats

10. Madness Inside

Keep up to date with his latest activities on his official Facebook:

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