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Review: klack - Do You Klack?

Old school through and through, this short but sweet EP of electronic body music manages to fuse two sides of the 80s that walked similar lines but had different attitudes and approaches. Bringing the sweet serene sounds of new wave, filled with sparkling leads and huge tom rolls that'll get your heart beating, to the dancefloor smashing hard edged grooves of EBM, pounding with thick and juicy arpeggiators and four to the floor crashing and pounding drums, klack does the renewed Industrial and EBM community a favor by showing the crowd how to masterfully transition melody and beat. Adding to the sound is a mixture of funk groove and enthusiasm and industrial tendency towards infectiously repetitive rhythm inspired sampling, making the sound that much more personalized and distinct. Simple but effective, this release is captured in a high degree of clarity, sounding like the best gear that the 80s could buy, and then some. One of the benefits of making revival music is that you can always make it sound that much more sweet, with far less budget. Moving the music along is an entertaining vocalists that channels a vocal style similar to the best moment from Front 242's more commercial tracks. Dare I say, this band actually has far more clarity (though that could simply be do to the recording gear readily available nowadays). One way or another, the vocals drive the music along keeping it from getting repetitive or monotonous, with the short and pronounced statements that make up the lyrics acting as a perfect march to keep the listener going from beginning to end. Moving from vocoded washes, and traditional EBM shouts, to more futurepop inspired crooning, the diversity is present throughout all 4 of the tracks that make up the release. Quite an enjoyable release, leaving you quenched for more.

Download the album at a very reasonable "Pay What You Want" price on their official Bandcamp:

Check out their official website to get a lowdown on what the project is all about:

Follow their activities on their official Facebook page:

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