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Review: God In A Cone - Shark Was A Boy

Mostly shedding their previous skin as an avant-garde industrial metal act, this daring and prolific band God In A Cone has done it again and provided another expert collection of musical expressions. This time delivering with an extremely concise concept album, "Shark Was A Boy", presented in the form of folk metal album, it is quite like I would expect from an artist like Folk Earth or Wintersun. With a wide variety of ethnic and medieval instrumentation, drawing from the West and East as the Greek have always done so well, providing a blend of playful and inspiring melodies and rhythms, it's quite a marvel to listen to. But despite it's the authentic pagan feel to it all, the guitars and growls never feel out of place, keeping the album that much more raw and genuine in its expression. Quirky and delightful all the way through, you can't help but find yourself enraptured by the material. It either keeps your feet shuffling to an infection groove, or your head rockin' to a powerful anthem, what's not to like? This is definitely an album worth checking out for any folk metal fans, it's of the top of its caliber.

Official Concept provided by the band: "Once upon a time there was a beautiful fishing village called "Conehead". In this peaceful place lived a family of fisherman who liked to feed the village daily with their bounty. The son and father were responsible for the daily catering of the village. A rainy cold day , however, was judged to be the last one for this family, which in an unequal struggle with nature the father lost what was most valuable for him , and that was his son who was devastated by the jaws of a strange prehistoric odd shark. From that time on, the time passed away and the thirst for the father's revenge had just begun.......

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