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Review: Dtour - Brothers

Whether reflecting upon the broken neighborhood he's resided in, and the dark thoughts which such situations breed, or upon his dedication and drive which causes an endless pursuit of growth, creativity, and success, Dtour speaks from the heart. Coming across with cool confidence, focused and pronounced expressive lyricism, and on point rhythmic structure he truly show his mastery of the mic on his latest album, "Brothers". Collecting a diverse set of lyrical subjects and beats, ranging from playful to emotive, from uplifting to hostile, it all seems to be nicely glued together with his consistent, relaxed, and confident demeanor. Never missing a bar or putting through a rhyme scheme that seems out of place, the album pushes forward from beginning to end effortlessly. Backing the talented MC is an equally compelling set of beats, ranging from smooth piano driven ballads to hard dance trap bangers, they all seem to be dominated by one consistent factor thick and warm bass. An album that takes itself seriously, without coming across as dense or particularly aggressive, simply maintaining persistence throughout, this is a truly solid album. Check it out if you're into well strung rhymes over chill beats, or just some good ol' authentic hip-hop.

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