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New Album!: Machines On Blast - Feast on the Repeating Misery (Remix Album)

Hitting hard in 2017, Machines On Blast have unleashed a deadly beast for you all, and it's free of charge. Featuring 30 tracks of remixes from some of the freshest and newest faces in hard electronic music, Feast On The Repeating Misery will show you many brand new interpretations to the mechanized creation called Machines On Blast. You'll see some familiar faces present on the release, acts that you'll recognize from previous The Infidel Netwerk promotions including remixes by Industrial Metal mastermind Dana James from K. P. Riot Brigade, Flordida based Dark Electro act 13th Angel, and the true rulers of Finnish digital hardcore King Tormentor, as well as many more other artists you'll recognize from the Industrial music underground.

Download the album on Machines On Blast's official Bandcamp:

Follow Machines On Blast on their official Facebook for all their latest info:

Full Tracklist

2. Dana James ( Feast - Dana James RemiXXX)

3. Cynergy 67 (Chemical Coma - Cynergy 67 Remix)

4. Caustic (chemical coma - caustic serotonin overload mix)

5. klank (My Friend Misery - klank World Coming Down Mix)

6. FlammPunkt (FlammPunkt-Vs-MOB-Chemical-Coma-Pill-Identification-mix)

7. Djversion666 vs Exemia REMIX - (Self Righteous Affliction)

8. Cynergy 67 (My Friend Misery - Cynergy 67 Remix)

9. Asylum Black (My Friend Misery - Defiled by Asylum Black)

10. Particle Son (Chemical Coma - Particle Son Remix) (free)

11. Steven OLaf (My Friend Misery - Steven OLaf Mix) (free)

12. 13th Angel (Repeating Remix) (free)

13. Cynergy 67 (Feast - Cynergy 67 Remix) (free)

14. Man Woman Machine (Chemical Coma - Man Woman Machine remix) (free)0

15. DIVERJE (The Cleansing Blood - DIVERJE rework) (free)

16. Havokk (We Bathe In The Blood Of Our Enemies Hemorrhaging Wash Mix)(free)

17. Giant Monsters on the Horizon (Self-Righteous Affliction - Monsters mix)

18. Adrenacore9 (Machines on blast chemical coma remix)

19. Gross National Produkt (Repeating Distress Signal Mix)

20. Cynergy 67 (Repeating - Cynergy 67 Remix)

21. IAMMYNEWT (My Friend Misery - IAMMYNEWT Remix)

22. Visions in Black (Repeating- Visions in Black ReMiX)

23. The Greatest Fear (Bathe In The Blood Of Our Enemies Cannibal Remix)

24. Restriction 9 (Chemical Coma - Restriction 9 Remix)

25. T-Error Machinez (Repeating - Krematoria Mix)

26. Skin Contact (Chemical Coma - Skin Contact Remix)

27. Cynergy 67 (Self Righteous Affliction - Cynergy 67 Remix)

28. loveless lust (My Friend Misery - loveless lust Remix)

29. King Tormentor (Self-Righteous Affliction - King Tormentor Remix)

30. The Deity (We Bathe In The Blood Of Our Enemies - Bathory Remix)

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