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Music Video! : M-Fap - Quack Wack

Some mornings I wake up, and I'm not sure who is the lunatic? Is it the me, or is the one I'm killing? Cause boy, when I rip out there throat and hear them scream, I can feel the illusion cracking away, allowing the glorious rays of divine radiance to forge their way past the delusion. In the blood of my enemies I see the truth. Does that make me brilliant or insane? I guess in the end... it doesn't really matter. The first M-Fap video has arrived. Check out the disgustingly perfect "Quack Wack":

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Hair slicked back, think I got all that, In the end bare handed, not even a rat, No edge, no play in this game, it's all the same, Every day, gonna walk like I'm lame Till I hit the obstacle that makes me unstoppable Didn't even know I was so fucking maleable But it takes a real shake to make a man break So give me a break cause I certainly didn't flake On the mainline, that I gotta get high and by on, Moving towards like a target I gotta it mon, Cause I've been fucking up since day one I'm done, never again gonna run Cause I'm stronger the a motherfucking Shogun Didn’t even need no motherfucking gun My Will is sharper then a japanese blade I swear I was born to be straight up obeyed You fake ass bitches don't know what I’m going through I’m not throwing in the towel, ohhoh Been forcefed grit, I'm ready to explode You’ve gotta taste while I unload Crime is half the game, but I just won't play, I don’t want my face on the magazine the next day, I’ve got more morals than the standard crew, In the end though, I’d butcher every single one of you, You see the morale of a killer is far more secure, Never make a kill unless I’m for sure, That that prick had it coming every single which way, He knew he had it coming going to work every day, I was just the first lunatic to give it a whack, Every man I kill, I expose to be a quack, Rip of his duck bills, and make him scream, This is how I do it, this is not a dream. Wake up from the delusion, that you’re are all caught in, Before the endless nightmare really begins! In my gaze, only if you’re a real waste, Come to my knife, come get a taste.


Vocals, lyrics, mixing, and mastering by Matt "theProphet" Smith Beats, Production, Photography, Picture Editing, Videography, and Video Editing by Bubba Gums

Additional character performances by Colin Snell

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