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Music Video: Divine Virtual Reality - I One You

"So for those few who have already seen the pro video to Divine Virtual Reality's new song "I Own You" I hope you enjoyed it because it was just a short outlook into the mind of DVR.

A film directed, recorded, and edited by Joey Ramon Hernandez, myself.

"There was so much planed when doing this video. In fact I was struggling with the decisions of having sexy women and drug use within the short film but, decided not to use anything else other then myself and focus on the main issue which was music over imagery."

I was even debating on trowing some hello kitty and even some self mutilation within the film but, again all ideas can be use on any of my next upcoming short films.

All in all it was a self worked project and in no way did I have help with it.

Even when it comes to the music I produce it, remix it, and master it myself with what little I do have to work with.

The digital album The Great Deception hits the web on November 25, 2016.

A album said to be filled with pounding dance bass beats and overwhelming sounds of Industrial music and power noise, with a twist of darkwave to it.


Be sure to listen to his music and follow him on his various musical streaming platforms:

Interview with Joei about the new album:

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