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Review - Skinny Blimps - Everything Rhymes When Your Def

Starting off with an old school attitude reminiscent of Eazy-E or classic Beastie Boys, and progressing through to modern electro infused downbeat, and further moving to a more traditional modern east-coast sound (just to name a few of the interesting sonic directions that are present on the album) this comically delivered hip-hop album by the Canadian rap group Skinny Blimps has a bit of spice and flavor for fans of all styles of hip-hop. With their album delivering a solid 25 tracks as well you won't find yourself lacking in content, or diversity within.

Crushing the mic the members of Big Blimpin show themselves to not only be witty in their lyrical constructions, even when they come across as non-sensical or childish at times, but also solid in their flow. Never haltering for a moment, keeping a solid and consistent dictive rhythm throughout all of their songs (which is quite a feat with such a jam packed release), they show themselves to all be true MC all-stars.

Maybe not for everybody due to the direction in which they tackle their lyrical subjects, if you can manage to get over their no shits given attitude regarding their topics and transitions, you will find yourself in for a real delight. Because of their lack of stylistic constriction, that you find so often within groups who are trying to conform to a certain sound or scene, this album manages to truly be a progressive treat.

Within all of the different types of beats and tempos that are present throughout this release, and the ability of the members to authentically deliver every time throughout the whole release, we see the true talent of this group shine. It truly sounds as if you could throw anything at this group, instrumentally/sonically or lyrically/subject-wise, and they would probably find a way to make it work interestingly.

Making the diversity and lyrical chaos somewhat cohesive is the overall logic seemingly given towards the placement of the tracklisting, with almost all of the 25 tracks being enjoyable as themselves or in the original order that they were presented. A true delight for fans of a traditional album listening experience. Topping things off, the whole album is solidly mixed, competing with any modern professional album, with the both the instrumentals and vocals clear and present, with every syllable understandable in it's fullest (for better or worse, haha).

Highly recommended for anyone who likes solidly performed hip-hop, but doesn't mind satire and humor. It's no weird Al or anything, but the lyrics certainly do get silly sometimes! (all to better enjoyment of the album, if of course that sort of thing is to your fancy as much as it is mine)

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