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Review: Graffiti Gonzo - Bear Witness

Smooth homegrown beats, an original aggressive and abrasive style, and attitude that oozes from every rhythm. Graffiti Gonzo is a true jewel in the West Coast Canadian Hip-Hop Scene. If you are looking for something that cuts through the usual trends of lean drenched washed out ramblers then this is your man.

Containing the perfect amount of bravado and self-depreciation, lyrical linguistics and gutter humor, each and every track is filled with a mind numbing amount of syllables that paint an interesting mural of personal experiences and reflections from the deranged mind of this Alberta bound rapper.

An experienced DJ, and veteran within the scene, the beat and featuring rappers, all of whom were taken from within a close circle of associates and friends, has been carefully curated to create a true cinematic experience.

And while I'm mentioning the cinematic nature of this release, I should say specifically the beat choices in themselves are magnificent. Encouraging nostalgic memories of the Wu-Tang, but definitily incorporated a much heavier and dare I say better produced sonic character, this album is a true musical treat to listen to. With frequent samples blasting and song changes within the beats, their is the sort of diversity and engaging background that is so often overlooked these days.

As unique and vintage inspired as the beats are the true star of the show, as it should be, is Gonzo's unique MCing talents. Moving at his own pace always, using cadences and rhythm in a unique tangents, flipping and dancing his flow artistically and masterfully within songs, he creates a unique enjoyable hurricane of lyrical attitude.

Inspired with a soulful ability to capture his voice to the essence of the beat, the jazzy knack to improvise masterfully and uniquely, and the raw attitude and aggression of his native hip-hop scene Graffiti Gonzo manages to create a gritty, grimey, and surprisingly well produced adventure through hip-hop history.

This album will find enjoyability to any era of hip-hop enthusiast as it touches upon so many different styles and vibes. Don't miss this great new album, which can be purchased by shooting him up a message on his official Facebook. It is available in both digital and physical CD, and a vinyl release with two bonus tracks will be coming out soon!

Check out his tracks on his official YouTube:

And listen to his tracks for free in streaming on his official Soundcloud:

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