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New Album! : Mangled Meat - Taste Test Vol. 2

Hard hitting industrial produced on all analog hardware gear. Hard to find these days, but crawling out of his hole in Guelph, Ontario, Canada the devastating one man act Mangled Meat does exactly this. Returning in even stronger form for his second EP, the Taste Test Vol. 2, this release features 4 tracks that will abuse your speakers, and neighbors, as you blare it to the maximum volume (the way it's meant to be played!). Induced with intense layered rhythmic percussion, deep analog bass lines, and gritty as hell custom designed synthetic melodies, and topped off with synthetically altered growls that perfectly layer with the noisy layers provided.

You can download Mangled Meat's new album Taste Test on his official Bandcamp:

You can keep up to date with all of their latest activities on their Facebook:

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