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Looking For New Studio

No weekly update this week, as we are currently in the process of doing some internal changes (moving studios pretty quick here!) as well as some MORE website changes… but expect a x2 action next week with an uber packed weekly update featuring lots of new content from a smashing of new bands, as well as a full overview of the new features in the Infidel Netwerk, and what it means for you.

On top of that we will also be attempting to get a new weekly section going up featuring political, social, educational, and entertainment based news which different members of The Infidel Netwerk would like to highlight or comment upon. A name for the section is pending, but at the moment I'm thinking "Infidel Info" or "Information Connection"... or maybe not? I dunno... name definitely pending!

In the meantime feel free to check out the new sections of the site (yes there are a few) before the big blog post detailing everything. I'm sure everything is pretty self explanatory. Enjoy!

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