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Fresh Trax! : Droid Sector Decay - Her Skin Glowed In Artificial Light

Showing their ever variety of sounds on this new compilation, Droid Sector Decay provide another interesting electronic jam from their upcoming early 2020 compilation album, Decayde Of Decay. "Her Skin Glowed In Artificial Light" channels a sound many of you might not of thought you would have heard, with an ethereal and uplifting trance inspired beat that builds itself up more and more as it progresses into an increasingly melodic near-festival stomper. Don't miss this excitingly uplifting Dance track which can be found streaming on the official Droid Sector Decay YouTube channel at the video link below:

Get all the lowdown on Droid Sector Decay's project including a biography, release catalog, and links to their social media and streaming websites, check out their Encyclopedia profile on The Infidel Netwerk:

Download their releases on their official Bandcamp:

Follow Droid Sector Decay on their official Facebook:

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