Fresh Trax!: Ultra LHT Voyeur - Jihading Ladies

Feel the energies snap and sizzle as the melodic and rhythmic tensions finally find some true catharsis in this upbeat pop/rap/trap/rock/world fusion masterpiece. Conjuring up the perfect summertime atmospheres with some expressive pan drums, energetic shakers and casual beach-inspired guitars, the more organic elements of this alluring melody draw you in with their hypnotic swagger. However keeping you engaged, and feeling the beat is a solid electronic low end to the track, with some deep drum machine punch and analog synth basslines keeping a steady thud for you to move to. Catch it all fronted by the devilishly delightful Ultra LHT Voyeur, the man who makes the magick truly happen. Liste

New Album!: Modular Reaper Imager - 1NH4L3 D34TH

Are you ready for some brutal post-apocalyptic industrial music chock full of harsh noise, distorted guitars, scraping metallic tones, aggressive piercing synthetics, and maddening evolving atmospheres? If so prepare to be destroyed by Modular Reaper Imager​'s powerful debut album 1NH4L3 D34TH. Featuring a violent cacophony of musical performance, and backed with the intensity of his Armageddon imagery, this epic album is a true representation of the chaotic and destructive times we currently live in. Download the album on his official Bandcamp: Check out his premier music video for Nu[clear] [Win]ter on his official YouTube: https://www.yout

Music Video: Modular Reaper Imager - Nu[clear] [Win]ter

Are you ready for some brutal post-apocalyptic industrial music chock full of harsh noise, distorted guitars, scraping metallic tones, aggressive piercing synthetics, and maddening evolving atmospheres? If so prepare to enjoy Modular Reaper Imager​'s latest music video for the song Nu[clear] [Win]ter. Featuring mixed images of the Reaper himself engaging in some virulent musical performance, and backed with footage of initially peaceful student protest turned into a violent riot on 12/01/13, this epic video certainly captures the chaotic and destructive atmospheres present in the music. Check out the video on his official YouTube: The album will be

Fresh Trax! : Catgotwasted - The End Of The World

Filtered and gated synths pulsate and whir across this progressive downtempo groove which slowly crawls it's way through beautiful crescendos, acidey breakdowns, and more piano driven electronica melodics. Finely crafted by the one and only Catgotwasted. Enjoy this excellent dishing of underground British IDM, available for free streaming on his official Soundcloud: Get up to date information at Catgotwasted's official Facebook: You can download many of Catgotwasted's track's on his official Bandcamp: #TheInfidelNetwerk #NewMusic #ElectronicMusic #IndustrialMusi

Review: Bud-Ski - The Wanderer

Eccentrically entertaining, and ready for a new beginning, the local Langley veteran rapper Bitter Taste Bud has returned this last year under the new alias Bud-Ski, and has presented us with a short and sweet release that verges somewhere right in between an EP and an album. Charting just past 25 minutes with 7 tracks, this guy knows how to pack a solid punch with his releases. Not feeling so long that the release seems beefed up with filler, which gives each track on this release the space it needs to stand out on it's own lyrically and instrumentally. Anyone looking for some fresh and engaging material that's different then their usual run of the mill bravado and gang themed rap, that's a

Review: Modular Reaper Imager - Nu[clear] [Win]ter

Nihilistic in tone, brutal in nature, this post-apocalyptic release by Modular Reaper Imager stands as one of the most noisey and intense releases that I've listened to since "Too Dark Park" by Skinny Puppy. Infusing elements of all your favorite industrial genres, including harsh noise, thick bassey arpeggiators, distorted guitars, scraping metallic tones, aggressive piercing synthetics, and maddening evolving atmospheres; if you enjoy some dark horror sounding music you'll definitily find something for your tastes here. Perfectly blending claustrophobic atmospheric intensity with the subtle digital abstractions of dynamic synthetic soundscapes, the Reaper creates music which you could quit

Fresh Trax! : Jenova Project - Third Eye Dimensionality

Starting truly at the end, and we'll be slowly working our way back,, the first track available from my epic new multi-album musical saga "Zevolution", is a truly mesmerizing piece of vocal electronica that portrays the visions of a mentally expanded Prophet who is on the verge of completing a long and treacherous journey. What does he see? Listen to the voice of theProphet and you will discover that, and so much more. Back it again, Jenova Project is hitting storm in 2017. With more material then we know how to throw at you, we're gonna start with a single to get you pumped. Interestingly enough, despite having several years worth of material to unleash at you , I'm actually going to give y

Fresh Trax!: Ultra LHT Voyeur - Machines On Squeeze

The elements perfectly blend together in this THC laced trip through the unique mind of the Ultra LHT Voyeur. Uniquely combing storytelling and bravado in an abstract psychedelic journey, you will find yourself gliding over the floor stomping thick bass drones, lost in LHT's descriptive lyrical guidance. Enter the Machines On Squeeze. Listen to the music streaming on his YouTube or Soundcloud: Download the track on UltraLhtBoi's official Bandcamp: Recorded by theProphet @ The Infidel Netwerk studios and record label: www.theinfideln

Fresh Trax! : Databyte - Motel Magic (Transhumanist Vocal Mix)

Every day desperate women go out and put themselves at risk in dangerous situations where many degenerate, criminal, or mentally ill John's prey off of them. Prostitutes have a disproportionately high death rate, making it one of the more dangerous jobs in the world. Most of this is due to the criminalization of prostitution, which forces these women into the underground, which leads them into compromised locations with compromised individuals. No amount of prohibition will get rid of prostitution. But providing a legal framework for their rights could go a long way to giving these women the safety they need, and maybe even eventually a way out of that lifestyle if that's what they need. Thi

New Artwork!: Bailee F. - Circle Of Women

Bailee F. has stepped out of hibernation and graced us with a beautiful picture, suitably in time for our British Columbian Spring. Being quite self-described by the name, the painting features a circle of women dancing in a serene fantastical forest seemingly lost in the beauty and wonder of their dance and locale. Check out the painting below, with hopefully prints being available in the near future: #BaileeF #theProphet #TheInfidelNetwerk #Artwork #Canada #BritishColumbia

Music Video! : M-Fap - Sexual Energy

Long nights and shallow expectations, that's what the Fap all about with his romantic presentations. I don't blame games, for I'm all about the dirty business. Get ready for a long night of broken promises and shattered assholes, for Zeus can't touch the power of my "Sexual Energy" The second M-Fap video, from his upcoming album "Palace Of Fap", has arrived. Check out the transgressively presented "Sexual Energy": Listen to the track on their official Soundcloud: Download the track on our official Bandcamp: Like the Video? Get the official M-Fap "Nothing Butt Beast"

M-Fap's Sexual Energy Promo

Enjoy this promotional long-take clip based around the upcoming music video for M-Fap's next single "Sexual Energy". This brief presentation that will give you a taste of the madness to come. Official video dropping Easter 2017! Preview the video on YouTube: You can find M-Fap's previous disgustingly perfect first music video "Quack Wack" on his official YouTube: Like the first M-Fap Video? Get the associated T-Shirt, Hoodie, Pillow and more on the official Infidel Netwerk Redbubble Merchandise Store: Follow me on my official Facebo

Music Video: Tunnelmental Experimental Assembly - Barely Holding On (Dubplate)

Fresh off of releasing their second track from their upcoming LP "Barely Holding On", they have released a Dubplate version of the track. Bringing the downtempo grooves to the forefront, and keeping the energies chill, a must have for any Tunnelmental or Dub fans! featuring Chuck Askerneese of The Untouchables on guest vocals, and using footage of homelessness from the brilliant documentary "Lost Angels" by Thomas Napper. Watch the video on their official YouTube: Download their releases, or any of their excellent releases, on their official Bandcamp: Follo

Review: Ohmega (The Enemy) - The Blue (And The Red)

Eccentrically energetic lyricism backed with bombastically banging beats, the one known as the Ohmega Commander provides nothing but a non-stop circus of strange metaphors and weird tales, with a fusion of pop culture references and deep philosophical introspection added on top to good measure, throughout his most recent album “The Blue (And The Red)”. I don’t think I’ve ever quite heard something like this, and that definitely tickles my fancy. Routed firmly in old-school hip-hop style, with a cool and playful energy that is reminiscent of acts like the Beastie Boys and the Ultramagnetic MCs, but having an extremely unique and modern vocal and beat production which works well to bringing th

Abyss The Mighty Void Puts 3 Older Albums Up On Bandcamp For A "Pay What You Want" Price

Abyss the Mighty Void, a local British Columbian Hip-Hop Legend has joined The Infidel Netwerk as one our latest members. We currently have a new 9 track album in the works, with potential for more releases to be recorded after. However, before we can deliver you the new, we wanna make sure you have a complete look at the old. Though far from a comprehensive discography, Abyss the Mighty Void has made a substantial delivery by adding three albums which were not previously digitally available. Staring Back At You from 2006, Diary from 2007, and Something Out Of Nothing from 2010, with of course his most recent Family album from 2014 also being available as well. These 4 albums, being his most

Fresh Trax!: Ultra LHT Voyeur - Necromancer

Dark and mysterious, like a cold winter night, the Necromancer casts his deathly illusions. Can you see past the veil? Or will you be consumed by the waves of collapsing possibility? Become accustom to the astral flow, and journey through the cold waters of unfolding truth. Allow yourself to see, and become, the moment where you realize all that was and will be is really nothing, and everything, all the same time. Your dimensions are equally finite and infinite. The perspective, and choice, is yours. Take hold, and feel the drop. To journey through the infinite, just take the hand of the Necromancer. Listen to the music streaming on his YouTube or Soundcloud: htt

Nargaroth: Infidel Interview #82

First off, just want to thank you for participating in this edition of Infidel Interviews in April 2017. Could you start off by giving a little information about you to the audience? Whatever you feel comfortable with, but name, age, and where you live would be pretty standard? I am Ash, founder and mastermind behind the German Metal sole project NARGAROTH. I am from German descent, but call the world my home (somehow) due my nomadic life style. You guys have mentioned you have something new in the works. What's the progress on your next release, and how do you feel this next release is going to evolve the sound of the band? How was the production of the album like compared to previous album

Fresh Trax! : Catgotwasted - Window Ajar

Step into the dark corridor and feel your astral self seperate from your physical form. Transverse space and time, only to find yourself swimming in the dark abyss. Right before you loose yourself in this eternity of infinity find yourself drawn back out by a mysterious furry hand. Who is it who has brought you here to this strange place of mysteries? Who is it now who is saving you from yourself? It is none other then the Catgotwasted. Welcome to another strange ambient journey with this feline sythwizard. Check it out on his official Bandcamp: Get up to date information at Catgotwasted's official Facebook:

Music Video: Tunnelmental Experimental Assembly - Barely Holding On

Releasing their second track, accompanied with a music clip none-the-less, this year, Tunnelmental Experimental Assembly have given us another excellent preview of their upcoming album with the groovy hip-hop & glitch hop infused EDM track "Barely Holding On". Capturing all the best of their musical styles, with dancey glitched out leads, tripped out electronica pads and sound effects, drums that proficiently shift between hip-hop and dance depending on the respective need of the individual sections, and shifting vocal styles that touch upon hip-hop, pop, and EDM. All of this excitment going on musically is accompanied by a musical promo video which features psychedelically arranged images a