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Music Video: Modular Reaper Imager - Nu[clear] [Win]ter

Are you ready for some brutal post-apocalyptic industrial music chock full of harsh noise, distorted guitars, scraping metallic tones, aggressive piercing synthetics, and maddening evolving atmospheres? If so prepare to enjoy Modular Reaper Imager​'s latest music video for the song Nu[clear] [Win]ter. Featuring mixed images of the Reaper himself engaging in some virulent musical performance, and backed with footage of initially peaceful student protest turned into a violent riot on 12/01/13, this epic video certainly captures the chaotic and destructive atmospheres present in the music.

Check out the video on his official YouTube:

The album will be out soon! Check out Modular Reaper Imager's Facebook for all the latest information:

Check out his music on his official Soundcloud for free streaming:

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