New Interview with Elvis Einstein @ 925 Rebellion

Elvis Einstein has recently completed a new review, promoting his fresh release Future Neverwas. Taking place at and featuring some pretty good questions and responses, if you're interested in the inner workings of his madman and genius, then this would be a good place to start. Follow the link here for the interview: We also did and interview for him when he was supporting his previous album. Check it out here:!Elvis-Einstein-Infidel-Interview-19/clpz/56e8b1f60cf290399f458e50 Follow his music on his official Soundcloud for free streaming: Download/purchase all of

New Album: LICH vs The Shadow Cast Within

A non-stop barrage of distortion, electronics, and violent percussion, this album picks up where he left of with Vs The MicroMurder, and takes things to a whole new level. Touching on elements of many genres and styles, conveying many emotions and concepts, this is definitily a multi-layered album that does not suffer from any of the traditional issues plaguing soft more releases. Continuing the story of the seemingly Nietzsche inspired LICH, the eternal wanderer and prophesier of a cursed world. Bleak and uncompromising, like the world he describes, this album is a worthy listen for any fans of experimental electronic and metal music. You can download the album in high quality digital forma

Steve "Abyss" Perry: Infidel Interview #51

Continuing our growing video interview archive, we have here the local British Columbia MC/hip-hop artist, Abyss. He's been cracking at it, since the dawn of the hop it self, seeing each era and taking a little from them all to create his own unique sound. Coming across as one of the most positive and forward thinking rappers I have ever met, I hope you enjoy this conversation as much as I did. P.S. Sorry for the camera angle. It shifted after I set it up. I fixed the angling for Part II of the interview. Link to Part II of the interview: Check out Steve's Facebook here to follow his progress: And download his latest

Music Video: Velvet Kills - Red Shoes

"#DrunkOnMusic are proud to introduce you to ‘Red Shoes’ by unsigned electro/punk/dark wave act ‘Velvet Kills’. The track is taken from their recent ‘Memory’ EP released on iTunes and on digital downloads in March 2016. A band that hopes to tour the UK in 2017, we hope they do. Its a hypnotic trance of electro, a new wave of gothic, and an almost sinister cynical edge of dark.The duo that dress to impress, a certain punk ethos is prevalent in this track. We love VELVET KILLS.we are definitely.. drunk on music." Providing to be one of their smoothest and sexiest tracks, a perfect video to get a music video to. Find yourself seduced by the lovely Susana Santos, who will soothe your ears with h

Here I Stand! - TunnelMental Blog

Catch all the great blogposts on their official blog: Follow Tunnelmental Experimental Assembly on their official Facebook: Catch their video content on their official YouTube channel: #TunnelmentalExperimentalAssembly #2016 #Blog #ElectronicMusic #IndustrialMusic #PopMusic

New Mangled Meat Coming Fall 2016!

Mangled Meat's back at it again! A little teaser for our to delight over, until Fall which the real feast begins!​ Follow Mangled Meat on their official Facebook: Download his releases on his official Bandcamp: Check his video content out on Youtube: #MangledMeat #MusicNews #2016 #IndustrialMusic #ElectronicMusic #EBM #Canada

Review - Skinny Blimps - Everything Rhymes When Your Def

Starting off with an old school attitude reminiscent of Eazy-E or classic Beastie Boys, and progressing through to modern electro infused downbeat, and further moving to a more traditional modern east-coast sound (just to name a few of the interesting sonic directions that are present on the album) this comically delivered hip-hop album by the Canadian rap group Skinny Blimps has a bit of spice and flavor for fans of all styles of hip-hop. With their album delivering a solid 25 tracks as well you won't find yourself lacking in content, or diversity within. Crushing the mic the members of Big Blimpin show themselves to not only be witty in their lyrical constructions, even when they come acro

New Album: Elvis Einstein - Future Neverwas

A perfect blend between electronic and organic, intensity and melody, this Canadian artist Elvis Einstein has released by far his strongest album to date. Picking up where he left on previous releases, and pressing forward with his unique brand of industrial shock rock music, he definitely has released the most polished endeavor in this style of music. Filled to the brim with thick and heavy, warm and crunchy distortion, backed with gleaming and glistening synthetic tones, and perfectly topped off with a half-snarled half-crooned thematically oriented vocals, this release manages to be filled with energy and emotion all the way throughout. Even the slower songs really manage to have an edge

Fresh Beat!: Still Haunted by Databyte Productions

Databyte Productions has released his first beat for public consumption. For hip-hop, trap, and EDM enthusiasts, this track will work great for any vocalist or MC looking to make a smooth downtempo laden hip-hop or pop track. You can purchase the track in a lease format for $10, or it can be purchased as an exclusive for $50. A leased beat/instrumental can only be used for non-commercial mixtapes and promotional purposes (no-charge), while an exclusive license buys the beat rights to become exclusive to you (pulling it off the beat store making it unavailable to others) for whatever purposes you desire. We also have a deal where you can purchase 3 leased beats for $25, or 3 exclusives for $1

God Is The Machine: Infidel Interview #50

First of, just want to thank you for participating in this edition of Infidel Interviews. Could you start off by giving a little information about both of you to the audience? Whatever you feel comfortable with, but name, age, what instruments you can play, and where you live would be pretty standard? Hi, I’m Chris Coleman, I'm a 25 year old Nerd/Geek, whom lives in Ogden, Utah. When it comes to performing live I’d consider myself an accomplished pianist, I also love to play the drums and guitar (however I'm not great at performing those just yet), but for composition I enjoy and prefer to spend countless hours to create unique and diverse sounds using what resources I have available. Aside

:10: Infidel Netwerk Interview #49

 First of, just want to thank you for participating in this edition of Infidel Interviews. Could you start off by giving a little information about yourself to the audience? Whatever you feel comfortable with, but name, age, what instruments you can play, and where you live would be pretty standard? Grew up in Michigan for the past 39 years. I am an artist. Started out with pen and ink, influenced by yoshitaka amano and H.R Giger. Eventually moved into digital media and photography. Music is just a side outlet for creativity which was inspired by my older brother, who at the time had a korg XD along with this old black and white Mac with master tracks pro loaded for a Daw. That’s where the

Fresh Trax!: HexPhosphorus - Transmission Demo Package

Follow Hex Phosphorus on his official Facebook: And check out his music videos on his official YouTube Channel: #HexPhosphorus #USA #2016 #TheInfidelNetwerk #IndustrialMusic #Noise #ElectronicMusic #NewMusic

DJ Mix!: Batty von Bats - Steel Town Grind

Industrial music for an industrial city. Nearly 50 minutes of dark, distorted beats to scour away bullshit that is life. Featuring tracks from PIG, ΔAIMON, Cardinal Noire, Front 242, Chrysalide, Blush Response, Dead When I Found Her, Inversus, :WUMPSCUT:, Skinny Puppy, Mangled Meat. Check it out for streaming and download on Mixcloud: #MangledMeat #DJMix #2016 #IndustrialMusic #DanceMusic #Canada #TheUnitedStates

Fresh Trax!: Demonic Virtual Reality - Forever 333

The first new Demonic Virtual Reality track in a while has arrived, and was created using a new cloud based music making software called pocketban. This interesting track expand upon the hardcore and techno oriented sounds present in his previous songs. Continuing to bring his own unique vibes and energies to this noisey, but strangely dancey, electronic track, Demonic Virtual Reality continues to succesfully forge his own unique vampire musical path in the underground Texas industrial music scene. Check out the track on the pocketband website for free streaming: #DemonicVirtualReality #IndustrialMusic #DanceMusic #2016 #NewMusic #TheUnitedStates

Review: Graffiti Gonzo - Bear Witness

Smooth homegrown beats, an original aggressive and abrasive style, and attitude that oozes from every rhythm. Graffiti Gonzo is a true jewel in the West Coast Canadian Hip-Hop Scene. If you are looking for something that cuts through the usual trends of lean drenched washed out ramblers then this is your man. Containing the perfect amount of bravado and self-depreciation, lyrical linguistics and gutter humor, each and every track is filled with a mind numbing amount of syllables that paint an interesting mural of personal experiences and reflections from the deranged mind of this Alberta bound rapper. An experienced DJ, and veteran within the scene, the beat and featuring rappers, all of who

Fresh Trax! : Databyte - Inside

Coming out as his longest track in a long time, and definitily the longest of the Synthwave inspired batch, this is an epic way for Databyte to premier his first new musical creation of August. A powerful bass driven track, featuring suitingtly atmospheric samples, washed out and flanged arpeggios, and deep and haunting pads, this moody yet driven track strikes hard as yet another great addition to Databyte's discography Listen to the track on his official Soundcloud: Get up to date information at Databyte's official Facebook: #TheInfidelNetwerk #NewMusic #ElectronicMusic #DanceMusic #MusicNews #2016 #Databyte #Synt

Music Video : Topsik - Getting Sicker (Produced by Blu Barry Productions)

Unafraid to present himself like an open diary, honest without being self-depreciatory, hitting hard without relegating to shock tactics. No words other then authentic can truly describe the Topsik experiance. Check out his latest music video for his track Inflicted Pain, produced by Blu Barry Productions. Lyrics and Vocal Delivery by Topsik Instrumental produced by Blu Barry Productions Mix and Mastered by Topsik Follow the Topsik on his official Facebook: Listen to and download this track for FREE on his official Soundcloud: #TheInfidelNetwerk #NewMusic #MusicNews #2016 #theP