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White Cauldron Appears On DJ Blade's Dark Voice's Radioshow

White Cauldron appears on the July 7th Episode of DJ Blade's Dark Voices Radioshow alongside other great acts such as E.S.A., Hocico, E-Craft and more! Don't miss the full episode free playback over at the Mixcloud online radio streaming platform:


1. E..S.A. - Eat Their Young (Moaan Exis Remix)

2. Hocico - Palabras de Sanger

3. PSYCHOSOMATIK - No Time to Lose (Signal Aout 42 Remix)

4. White Cauldron - Dirty Streets AF Dance Mix

5. Noise Resistance - Egoistic Bitch

6. SynthAttack - Afterlife (Suppressor Remix)

7. Supreme Court - Everyday Tragedy

8. HexRx - Crawler

9. E-Craft - Book of Anger

Follow White Cauldron on their respective Facebook pages to keep up to date with their latest happenings:

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