Fresh Trax! : M-Fap - Distress

Updated: Apr 12, 2020

Coming undone like it's my normal routine, been doing it daily since I was but a teen. Barely able to crawl, let alone stand, never really was able to fit in a band. So now I'm rapping making these twisted songs, getting you sickos to all sing along. Ready to make the meek of heart quiver, with expositions of insanity I continually deliver, ready to pop all the screws and make reality old news.

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Yo, yo, yo I've come undone,

I always thought I would be young,

But aren't I still, why am I falling apart,

Was this just how it was supposed to be right from the start,

A wreck, a mess, half of a man,

Barely able to crawl let alone stand,

Forgive me if I spit on my own fucking grave,

I could never really able to truly sit and behave,

Try to get me to chill at a funeral,

Would require far more then a few fucking pills,