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Fresh Trax! : Jugem's Cloud - The Factory Block

Continuing with their pre-album promo excellence, Jugem's Cloud deliver another high octane full intensity track, this time fully embracing the industrial metal vibes found on previous tracks and giving a rockin' guitar focused jam filled with bombastic energy that keeps the track driving from beginning to end. Despite being one of their heavier tracks, it's one of their catchiest, featuring powerful drums, dominating guitars, perfectly placed synthetics, and some of the liveliest vocals in their discography. Check out the track streaming on all major platforms with links to pretty much all of them available, as well as an audio sample, on their official website:

Follow Jugem's Cloud on their official Facebook or Instagram to keep up to date with their latest activities:

Go to the official Jugem's Cloud website or The Infidel Netwerk encyclopedia page to discover more about the band:

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