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Fresh Trax!: Databyte - Unfold

Dark and ominous, yet danceable and inviting, this progressive synthwave track from veteran multi-genre music producer Databyte is another dynamic addition to his ever growing discography. With powerful and deep bass sounds you'd expect from a Skinny Puppy track, and the fluttering haunting synth melodies that remind me of Dead When I Found Her song, this piece of dynamic music definitely takes on an interesting Industrial tinge which adds to the impact of the overall track. Deep lush pads and haunting atmospheric samples fill out the soundscapes truly fleshing out the spooky vibes. Don't miss this excellent track, perfect for the upcoming Halloween season, free streaming on his official Soundcloud:

Make sure to follow him on his official Facebook page for up to date info on the project:

Download his previously released albums on his official Bandcamp:

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