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Fresh Trax! : M-Fap - Throw Away The Key

Updated: Mar 18, 2020

Maybe a bit neurotic, but I still got it: a bit of surplus energy to keep me moving ahead in the game. And just so you know, Fap's the name, so don't forget it or wear it out, as you watch me dance on my dastardly adventures know that as entertained as you are, it isn't for you, but for everyone and most of all myself. So dance with me, and share in the delight, but know I hold the candle and at any time could turn out the light.

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If I had any surplus energy

I wouldn’t go and tell anybody

Bunch of vultures, mankind tends to be

Whether you’re on the outskirts or a full member of society`

Considered neurotic, but I still got it

A narcissistic personality disorder and a twitch

I’ve been catering to the wrong kind

And now I’ve gone and broken and blown my own mind

Lost it on some adventure where I thought I’d find

The answers to why I’ve been so maligned

My mother cries every single night

Because she wishes I’d fly off like a kite

Disappear never be heard from again

Might as well be dead even if I’m just around the bend

Save your judgement for I’ve already atoned

My heart doesn’t beat, it's made out of stone

Born an underdog, a refugee of misfortune

More controversial than Michael Jackson

What did you think you would see son

When you take a peak into my situation

Oh no I forgot to pay my fee to be free

Now I’m gonna be locked away for all eternity

Just go and throw away the key

I don’t fit to the rules of this sad reality

Masked with cascading skepticism

I’ve been left in an unfortunate position

Nasty sort of situation that can’t happen

Where I begin to doubt the operations

That keeps everything in a semblance of function

Maintaining composure with no dividends

Is a task beyond struggling

It can be might disheartening

To see all that you build amass to so little

When you see such great potential

Most choices when made are irreversible

But I can’t go and let that stop me now

Subconsciously sabotaging my own confidence

But I know that there’s more to this

Just gotta push past this lull in audaciousness

And stop staring into the abyss of consequences


Vocals, lyrics, beats, production, mixing, and mastering by Matt "theProphet" Smith

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