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Fresh Trax! : M-Fap - Cream Cheese Pimp

Updated: Mar 18, 2020

Running around with the rimmed fanny pack, giving my friends and foes equally a heart attack with my wild antics and strange behavior, but don't think this is in error. I'm the cream cheese pimp and I strut shit with confidence, so take it up with God, I ain't religious, your beggin' and cryin' won't be answered like prayers, and I can tell you that ain't no error, I got only one prerogative and that's to take it all kid, so stay out of my way I'm an ancient entity, don't even be thinking about touching me, or you'll be cursed with the same sort of waste that gives you a taste for the chaos I drink from daily.

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Rimmed fanny pack, strapped across my back,

Bulging like my sack, with mayo’ and ketchups packs,

Prepared to dash and dine at any situation,

I don’t pack any change, just an array concession napkins,

McDonald’s is the easiest prey of choice,

Sit in the side, leave my piss to be cleaned by Joyce,

As soon as they ask to pay, I look oblivious and say,

“Why I hope you folks have a might fine day”,

And then I walk out, pretend like they don’t even notice,

What you gonna do with such confidence and focus,

To be a fool, asshat, complete disgrace,

Sometime’s it’s easier to put on a better face,

Then chase down the lunatic for some loose change,

Who knows what’ll happen if you try to share the stage,

With the man who’ll go up and piss on your carpet,

Then have the arrogance to go for another hit,

Combination speedball, alcohol, cocaine,

Bringing psychedelics right to my brain,

That makes me go insane, opt out of the game,

But it don’t matter, I’ve always had a disdain.

I’m an ancient entity with ginormous capabilities

Blatant and brilliant, I’m upfront constantly

Dormant till I’m flippant, don’t judge my abilities

Until you come face to face with this brute’s agility

There’s no placeholder for this breadwinner

I’m a producer, provider, and complete devourer

How do you think you’re gonna stand on two feet

When I’m the real fucking man

I’m the cream cheese pimp, I’m gonna walk with a limp

If I don’t got my sweet creamy drink I sip

A mixture of dairy, meat, and the finest lean,

Juiced up to maximize the living dream

Slink and slurp my way to the advantage

This old dog get’s better with mileage

I’m always ready to assemble a voyage

Never will I be the one to discourage

A culinary adventure of the finest decadent

Sweet savory delights will be my entrapment

Indiscriminate of sausage or porridge

Mix and match all you gotta do is have courage

Gonna pillage the fridge like a christian village

Like the vikings, decimate an ungodly percentage

Savage and ravage I’m ready to do damage

Ransacking the buffet to my ultimate advantage

Behind me in line? You’re getting shafted son

No chances on the desert, the digestion begun

Acknowledge what you pretend to be capable

But now watch a real man completely derail


Vocals, lyrics, beats, production, mixing, and mastering by Matt "theProphet" Smith

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