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Fresh Trax!: Wasted Potency - Stay With Me (ft Venture)

Channeling the summer vibez with a dreamy serene beat, one can just hear the sonic waves dashing up on the shore of Wasted Potency's autotuned flow. Somehow still dripping with a heartfelt emotional resonance that all you sadboys will certainly relate to, this post-hip-hop collaborative venture with none other then Venture is one will not want to miss, especially if you're into that heartfelt melodic post-trap awesomeness that's so resonant right now. Not one's to simply catch a wave and ride it, these two master this bitch and make it their own, carving their own unique sound that's not only fits within the context of a pop culture they seek to participate, but also something that's capable of setting itself on its own pedestal as both entertainment and emotionally resonant material. Don't miss the juice streaming on Soundcloud:

Keep up to date with Wasted Potency & Venture's latest activities on their official Facebook pages:

Download his music on his official Bandcamp:

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