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Fresh Trax!: Toothpinch - Rigged & Broken (ft Jenova Project)

Teaming up for a wild warping psychedelic electro-industrial / metal fusion are two of the progressive industrial heavyweights on The Infidel Netwerk, none-other-then Toothpinch (who just recently released another awesome collaboration with Cyberlich, which you don't wanna miss) and Jenova Project (who just recently dropped two EPs, including one in collaboration with a different Lich, undead ahoy over here!). Providing you with the vehemently anti-establishment banger, don't miss this excellent new track available on several different platforms including...

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Jenova Project Lyrics & Vocals Inclusion, into the comprehension. Fundamental is expression. Yet it all seems so unnecessary. We are anchors of destitution. We are members. Of these institutions. But do we know. We must be our own liberators. Losing ourselves in our fear. Of the world Toothpinch Lyrics & Vocals I say Fuck the system. Rigged and broken. Fuck the struggle Imposed to keep us down. Exhausted to make ends meet Suck the life blood from our souls Too tired to care Just want to sleep it all away Nothing left to hope for It's already been done Someone beat me to it first Might as well climb into the back of the hearse. Bury me in debt and despair Nothing left inside of me in here Just beat you down every time you get a little ahead. Work you to the bone Work you till your dead. I just want to scream I just want to shout These demons inside Just need a way out Ya’ll playing like you got it made But deep down I know you're afraid, too. It's dark out here even in the daylight The hole inside me eats away my fight The taste of your meals will never be as sweet Cost so high to make ends meet Retirement is a dream I'll never see The rich need more and more To satisfy their greed I'll just bow out gracefully When there's no more fucks to give out.


Original concept, lyrics and music: Toothpinch. Vocals & Additional Lyrics: Jenova Project

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