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Fresh Trax!: Jenova Project - Bastard Messiah

Deception comes in many forms, some seemingly as gentile as they come. A baby is born, a prophecy is told, and many acts of barbarism will follow. The truth is hidden in the sands, and what is left in the public's eye is a twisted memory of the keys of salvation, turned into the warped beating war drum of an ever-thirsty blood god. Only by turning our eyes to lie, can we finally open our eyes to the divinity inside.

You can stream the track on The Infidel Netwerk's official YouTube or our official Soundcloud:

Download the track on our official Bandcamp at a very reasonable "Pay What You Want" price:

Scroll below the song streaming below to find the song's official lyrics and credits. Cheers :)


Mother Mary I see into your eyes, A passionate obsession, To keep the secret at bay, Even at the cost, Of two millennia’s deceit, Do you condemn yourself so readily? Earning a place in the hell you so preach.

You sleep with the sheep, Deflowered off your innocence, In the very place you will lay, The tearstains streak across your cheeks Fears compels deception The bastard messiah Will be born.

Immaculate conception, The perfection deception, Claim the child of god, You wander on Preachers clinging Like a solemn echoing Of fading relevance

But now the opportunity has arisen An age of depravity draws near One just needs to fall into the fear Of a coming apocalypse

Ignorance and lies, Brought him your faith, Wreckoning from our holiest of sons For every stake placed in Another shall strike your very heart No deception goes without stain Your mark has already been made Endings are only beginnings The greatest blindfold has been set

Credits Vocals, lyrics, beats, production, mixing, mastering, and picture editing, by Matt "theProphet" Smith Check out Matt's other projects: Jenova Project:

M-Fap at: Transhumanist at: Izkrist at:

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