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Fresh Trax!: Big M.I.C. - Lost World

Big M.I.C., the local champion of Langley Hip-Hop has returned to The Infidel Netwerk to record a new EP of potent new tracks, and the first single to be released is the self-titled track from the EP, "Lost World", which is now available for streaming on YouTube. Full of on point criticism, and all-grit attitude, this Kingslayer is ready to take aim at anyone or anything that gets in his way. Spitting some of the finest rhymes over a pointedly atmospheric beat, this track brings M.I.C. with impact and style.

Produced by Starkore Recorded,

Mixed and Mastered at The Infidel Netwerk by Matt "theProphet" Smith

Written by Big M.I.C.

Check it out free streaming on his official YouTube:

Follow his latest activities on his official Facebook:

Download his music on his official Bandcamp:

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