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Fresh Trax! : Catgotwasted - Clinically Dead (Living Dead Remix)

Continuing to jostle us through chaotic dimensions of post-genre sound, the intoxicated feline synth wizard known as Catgotwasted has for us his latest dishing of energetic musical ramblings. Remixing his classic track "Clinically Dead" and bringing new life to it (wink wink nudge nudge), this re-animator certainly shows that there are many different ways to to view a song. Mostly frantic, but also at times extremely melodic and graceful, this song of juxtaposed contrast will certainly be entertaining to those of experimental electronic love. Definitely check out this interesting song which can be found for digital download on his official Bandcamp:

Get up to date information at Catgotwasted's official Facebook:

You can download many of Catgotwasted's track's on his official Bandcamp:

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