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Fresh Trax! : M-Fap - Return Of The Mayo Man (Holy Waterz Pt. II)

Transportation can be a slippery thing when the waters be drippin'. Sliding into the company of others can lead to a far smoother ride, but watch out for the pill-popping neurotics with their two-timing theatrics, for they can be far more dangerous company then the crashed car alternative. Thank the heavens M-Fap knows this journey all to well, let the signs be an adventure to rejoice, not omens of decline. The Mayo Man must make it to his return on time, so one way or another the journey begins.

This is the fifth single from M-Fap's upcoming FREE grimy lo-fi album entitled "Return Of The Mayo Man". Download it on his official Bandcamp:

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Able minded transportation makes a country free, A vagrant at heart, nomadic is how some say I be, Obnoxious is another one of those things But I’m just feisty, I don’t mean to be annoying Cause when a cat’s got your tongue, I’ll say my piece I won’t wait for the silence to clear to verbalise And that don’t make me a drunk if I wanna speak up I just refuse to never take hold, and try to shake up Our propped up theatrics played out by neurotics Waves of blame reflecting pill popping hypocrites Fuck it’s why I drink my water in the first place So don’t tell me you wanna take a sniff or a taste Cause I can tell you right now this fire ain’t for you You’d go belly up if you even basked in the aroma of my brew The shit I drink is more psychedelic than ayahuasca After a sip and a blink I’m almost straight in a coma

You know what I say, or maybe you don’t I’ll inform you, “this fucking holy waters is dope” So I take my last sip, and drive my car, right into this ditch I’m ready to leave this tale in a tight pinch Ego so high you'd need an space elevator to reach it Don't you know I use mayo as lubricant Up in orbit, living high got no regrets If you can catch me baby, I'll certainly make you wet Grin beaming wide, some think I'm ingenuine But I can tell you now friend, my eagerness I depend on Ain't no emoji, just got a lot going tumbling in my mind, and My blended up emotions, they just keep on twisting and combinin' So I just take things day by day, each moment stride by stride Unwilling or probably just incapable of trying to hide Gotta put the game face man, yeah or else I'll just cry Not going out without a fight man, that will not be how I die Taller than a sasquatch and hairier on my crotch I'll crotchet my pubes into a quilt, just watch Pesticide resistant naturally by design I could inject glyphosate straight to the veins


Vocals, lyrics, beats, production, mixing, and mastering by Matt "theProphet" Smith

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