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Fresh Trax! : M-Fap - Modern Slaves

Falling apart piece by piece, broken and bound by our modern slavery. Do we have a choice? Is this just the curse of our greed? Cause tell me another option, I'd love to find an alternative. But every idea I come with seems to become increasingly inclusive of only a particular part of the population. Those with money get to do, and those without get to slave and dream. But what does it all really mean, when we can't ascend beyond our confinement, we should really start to see our designation for what it is. Stop dreaming, and take action, before we're all herded up like the cattle we're being treated like...

M-Fap's return continues with his third single from his upcoming FREE album, "Return Of The Mayo Man".

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The common origin of why we’re falling apart Its because we’ve been built on atrocity from the start Regardless of your opinion the facts are in We’re all slaves living in a mass plantation You don’t need to be black we’re all just niggas If you don’t got the cash you’ll never be player You can call me a racist, but you can’t erase this I know you want to, but it's getting hard to suppress us Got the bad taste of piss in your mouth As you just accept the the new continual drought Terrified of these bankers, politicians, and globalists You’ve given them the keys, allowed them to ruin this Beautiful planet our home we so depend on Instead of actually giving some recognition To our increasingly desperate situation The state of which is starting to look far gone We need to make a change, one that seems impossible If we worked together we could be unstoppable Don’t you think we could live forever If we put all of our minds together Minds together, our minds together Broken moments shatter expectations We are in a time of trials and tribulations No indulgence will go unrecognized Time takes its toll even if we close our eyes Ignoring the facts will only drive us so far Slow down, or we’ll burn out before our star Like a lethal phenomenon we destroy all of the Very things from which we’re all depending Full speed death march no one staring at the ending Until it's too late and we’re all just falling Trapped in a state that never provides Instead just suppressed and tries to hide From us the fundamental fabrics of our humanity Shattering our attention, and driving us away From the very connection that we need to uprise Instead we willingly eat up all the lies The obvious “accident” we’ve all been subjected A course set by our grandparents And I know we’re supposed to respect our elders But it's hard when they destroyed our world of splendors


Vocals, lyrics, beats, production, mixing, and mastering by Matt "theProphet" Smith

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