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Fresh Trax! : Jenova Project - Third Eye Dimensionality

Starting truly at the end, and we'll be slowly working our way back,, the first track available from my epic new multi-album musical saga "Zevolution", is a truly mesmerizing piece of vocal electronica that portrays the visions of a mentally expanded Prophet who is on the verge of completing a long and treacherous journey. What does he see? Listen to the voice of theProphet and you will discover that, and so much more.

Back it again, Jenova Project is hitting storm in 2017. With more material then we know how to throw at you, we're gonna start with a single to get you pumped. Interestingly enough, despite having several years worth of material to unleash at you , I'm actually going to give you guys the most recent song I've written. I just whipped it up yesterday, wrote lyrics to it, and did vocals all within a 48 hours period. And honestly, I think you guys will really like it. It draws from a lot of different eras of my music and sort of mashes it into one awesome cohesive presentation. And instead of being the usual dark, mysterious, brooding, and nihilistic lyrics you're used to, this track really sort of shoots things in a different direction.

You can download the track in a variety of high quality audio formats for a very fair "Pay What You Want" price at my official Bandcamp:

Get up to date information at Jenova Project's official Facebook:


For you have one inside your mind Discard your possessions Hide from all of these falsies Subscribe only to your own truths Cause the veil has been set But you have the power to be free Just learn to place your own limitations Don’t subscribe to this age of suppression

You must unleash your third eye dimensionality Hyper ascend this triviality

Have less, but always hope for more For there is so much more Then material possessions You have the storage of the mind and soul Synchronicity and your destiny Just lose yourself in the beauty You just need loose control For in yourself you have everything For you are a presence of the divine

All musical composition, production, mixing, and promotion done by theProphet

The artwork was created by Bailee F. You can find her diverse portfolio here:

You can check out Matt's other project's Transhumanist at: Izkrist at: M-Fap at: Ultra LHT Voyeur at:

LICH vs Jenova Project at:

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