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Infidel Studio One Blog: Episode 7 - March 21st 17'

Another couple weeks have passed, and boy has it been a busy! I've been producing like wildfire for a variety of different local artists, including Ultra LHT Voyeur, Abyss, my own M-Fap project, and the vulenrable king of local Hip-Hop none-other-then Big M.I.C.

With Big M.I.C. we have been busy putting the finishing touches on our third release together, and the first full length album he will have done in conjunction with The Infidel Netwerk. Including his most diverse and different set of tracks he's had an opportunity of presenting, this record has been a real fun journey to record. Managing to come in two or three times a week, and every session banging out at least three tracks, this man's relentless work ethic and attention to perfection when getting these songs recorded has truly crafted a release none of you will forget. We plan for a release on April 7th, with the album being available for free on Bandcamp.

The Track List is as follows: 1. Sekura prod. by C-Lance 2. Addicted State Of Mind Remix prod. by C-Lance 3. Smoked Out prod. by DJ Radiohead Beats 4. Poor & Shameless prod. by DJ Radiohead Beats 5. Make Things Right prod. by DJ Radiohead Beats 6. I Shot The Sheriff Interlude prod. DJ Radiohead Beats 7. The Difference prod. by Engineer 8. Thinking Back prod. by DJ Radiohead Beats 9. Fatherless Remix prod. by DJ Radiohead Beats 10. Check The History prod. by SandroBeats 11. Royalty prod. by Arbus Beats 12. Going To Hell prod. by C-Lance

We're gonna be hosting a relelease party, so If you live locally in British Columbia, Canada then come on down, tickets only $10 and it'll be played at the NY Grill & Bistro in Langley, British Columbia.

Join the official Facebook Event to get the full lowdown:

Also For those who might have missed it, check out Big M.I.C.'s debut music video, which was released just this last Saturday. A truly impressive track, taken from the first release we put out together "Rat Race", this authentic all attitude performance based video truly shows off this man's impressive talent and genuine character. Check it out on his official YouTube:

Ultra LHT Voyeur, the diverse multi-genre musical entertainer who formerly went by the name Ultra LHT Boi, has also released his second single "Jet Fighter", produced by none-other-then-myself (like all of his material). Featuring some deep sub bass, smooth acoustic guitar, and Jesse's prophet storytelling, this track is another fine single showcasing some of the more unique and eccentric tracks from his upcoming first album. You can find the trakc for free streaming on his official YouTube:

It's also been quite the impressive month for doing interviews, which has been a real joy. Doing interviews not only brings in lots of external traffic and new visitors to the site, but it also allows me to get the lowdown on some of the questions I've always wanted to ask some of my old classic and newly discovered musical and artistic projects. Truly and honor with some of my most high profile interviews to date happening just recently, check out the full list of recent interviews below, or check out my interview archive for the full lowdown on all the interviews I've done to date (80 of them now!):

Warbringer - Thrashcore from The States

Atomic Neon - Post Punk from Germany

Horna - Black Metal from Finland

Nylithia - Thrashcore from Canada

Quiddity - IDM from Britain

ill.Gates - Glitch-Hop from The States

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